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What the company say about themselves:
Yes Advertising is the industry’s most trusted company for making on time payments.
We offer webmasters the most generous CPM payout rates in the industry. Furthermore, when you refer other webmasters to join this program, we will also pay you up to 20% of whatever they earn, and those referrals will run 5 levels deep!

Why Us?

  • Accept and pay traffic from all countries
  • No setup fees
  • Free support service
  • No volume contracts
  • 24/7 Live stats and earning reports
  • 5 Level of referral
  • Gauranteed CPM payout rate
  • High quality and innovative ads
  • Advanced default ad management
  • Bi-weekly payment via check or PayPal.
You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback, honest positive and negative welcome.

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4 In-Depth Affiliate Reviews of “Yes Advertising”

Yes Advertising reviewed by Joan J. Carrigan in

  • 44444
  • 33333
  • 55555
  • 55555

I have worked with a number of different CPA networks and Yesadvertising has some of the best converting offers. I tested 6 different offers through Yesadvertising and 4 of them converted. I scaled these 4 campaigns and am getting as high as 400% ROI on one of these offers.
I have no regrets using Yesadvertising.

Yes Advertising reviewed by Blogger 2014 in

  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 33333

I just signed up so publishers. hopefully be successful

Yes Advertising reviewed by jayjee in

  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 55555
  • 44444

I have been paid. Took them a few month for my first payment, due to audit. But, I got paid.

I like the features on:
1. International adverts
2. Automatic ads rotation, no need to apply on all campaigns.
3. Tracking is also working well nowadays.

I don’t like features on:
1. Earnings are always put on hold and put in waiting for process.
2. Slow payment.

Overall it is a great company.

Thank you.

Yes Advertising reviewed by Ramankutty in

  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 55555

A great Yes for Yesadvertising. Unique compensation plan and great products.

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