About Affpinions

The official slogan for Affpinions is;

“Discover the best affiliate networks that can make you more money.”

This website is a free discovery tool for all affiliates whether you’re new or experienced. Founded in 2008, the bread and butter of the website has always been the listings. Using the database of companies listed on Affpinions you can weigh up the pros and cons for lots of affiliate marketing programs in only a short space of time. Using the information in the reviews you can form your own opinions. Compared to trawling through search engines trying to find the data it’s a significantly faster way to find the best companies for your needs.

At Affpinions the aim is to help you discover many different programs and give you the program bio information you need to make a reasonable judgement on whether they would help make you profits. It’s about forming your own opinion. Just because one website has amazing reviews it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily best for you. Take a look at our mission statement which highlights that nicely.

Affpinions Mission Statement

To provide affiliates from around the world with free access to a huge database of affiliate programs and help them to decide which programs are ideal for their digital business’s revenue goals.

Sources Used

Most of the data we gather is gathered by hand using manual research. We also work directly with programs and networks to build the listings and try to keep them up to date. For things such as addresses, we rely on sources such as official public databases like Companies House in the UK. We sometimes check other sources to try and verify things like addresses, public websites like ZoomInfo and Bloomberg are great for that and we welcome you to use those services too when you need to. Users of this website are welcome to submit edits too.

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“Hi, I’m Chris, the current webmaster of Affpinions. I run the day-to-day operations including updating listings, writing blog posts, responding to emails and of course, the obligatory tweeting. I registered as self-employed in March 2007 and have run an online business ever since focusing on websites. My first foray into affiliate marketing was promoting automotive books that were for sale on Amazon. I’ve been an affiliate ever since!”


If you wish to contribute to this community you can do so in a few ways. You can suggest edits for listings that contain incorrect information. You can help us out by sharing the site on your social profiles. And of course the main way of contributing is by leaving honest reviews in listings with your true opinion. We welcome you to leave reviews and talk about the following factors in your comments:

  • Tracking – Tracking is very important, some networks use third-party software to help the end-user track their affiliate links and conversions. While others have in-house systems, meaning the network have built their own tracking code system to take care of monitoring conversions. What’s your experience like with tracking?
  • Support – Support is based on the networks affiliate managers, CEO, communication with their tech, and the ability to help you earn more money. Affiliate managers are there to provide you with the resources to help you earn more income. It’s customer service but with extra bells and whistles. How do your interactions play out with the network?
  • Offers – Every network claims to have exclusive offers. What is exclusive? No other network has it? Well, it is most likely the bigger networks have exclusive offers and another big network has the same exclusive offer. You can talk about what the range of offers is like and whether you truly think they are exclusive.
  • Payouts – Getting paid is obviously incredibly important. Do they pay on time? And are you happy with the payout options they provide? Whether it’s direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal or another method.
  • Potential Improvements – constructive criticism is always good, in what ways do you think the network you’re reviewing could improve itself?

In the comment section we also welcome reviewers to add links to payment proof for extra authority. You can upload your screenshots to sites like Imgur and then include a link in your comment. Make sure there’s no sensitive information in your screenshot though.

We think it’s great that real users provide real feedback for others to help in deciding who will benefit an affiliate. The net result is you are not only able to understand the business model of that particular company but also decide if you think it’s a scam or not. We thank each and every person who contributes.

Beyond The Listings – Building Knowledge

Maximising profit is everybody’s aim. Guides have been written such as this one about ways to increase earnings and also this one about long-length cookies to help boost your profit. The articles are completely free to read, no sign-up is required and they are just one part of the Affpinions service.

How This Website Is Made

We use NameCheap for our web hosting and domain registration. The website is powered by the WordPress CMS. Our theme is a custom theme designed in-house. Loads of coffee is also required to help the website function!



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