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Affpinions is all about helping marketers and new affiliate marketers join the right networks. There are multiple affiliate networks springing up every day and it is hard to find the right and best affiliate network to join. Networks will call you and claim they have the highest payouts, exclusive offers, and best tracking. In most cases, this is the same repeated script all the networks use. How’s an entrepreneur going to decide what network to join?

Affpinions is base on real users and real affiliates. They leave their opinionated views about the networks they have had experience with and provide a value to several important factors of an affiliate network:

  1. Tracking
    Tracking is very important, some networks use third party software to help the end user track their affiliate links and conversions. While others have in-house systems, meaning the network have built their own tracking system to take care of the tracking and conversions. Some networks in-house systems maybe shaky or even delayed. As marketers we would like to have the most reliable tracking there is.
  2. Support
    Support is base on the networks affiliate managers, CEO, communication with their tech, and the ability to help you earn more money. Affiliate managers are there to provide you with the resources to help you earn more income. If they are never there for you then a network is not dedicated to help you earn money. Some networks only look for top tier affiliates while there are others that are willing to help you succeed whatever your skill levels are. There are networks that allow you to have more than 1 affiliate manager in case you are not able to contact your primary. Also, ability to talk to the CEO or even tech support of the network is valuable to do more custom marketing for the offer.
  3. Offers
    Every network claims to have exclusive offers. What is exclusive? No other network has it? Well, it is most likely the bigger networks have exclusive offers and another big network has the same exclusive offer. There are smaller networks that do have exclusive offers that no one has. But it does not stop there, the range of offers. Some networks only concentrate in a specific niche while others concentrate in a wide variety.
  4. Payouts
    With so many offers or limited offer or even exclusive offers, is the payout high enough for you to promote? Is the network willing to bump your standard payout to have you promote the offer even more? Is the network rewarding you with higher ‘exclusive’ payout base on performance? How will you receive your paycheck? Direct Deposit? Wire Transfer? PayPal? Fed EX? There are multiple things to consider when joining a network and what to ask. Can I get paid every week? Is the network Net30, Net45, or Net60? If you receive your check via email and it gets lost what is the network willing to do? A network is holding your earned money, how responsible are they in getting you your check.

These are the most important factors of a network and every individual that is part of a network can input their views or opinions on the network. This helps others decide what networks to join. Joining too many networks can lead to confusions and even losing track of your own income. With AffPinions real users provide real feedback for others to help in deciding who will benefit an affiliate.

Not Just for Affiliates but for the Networks too

Affiliate Networks can return to Affpinions to find out what their network lacks. It is a communication tool from the affiliates themselves to the network. Helping better improving an affiliate program or network can mean a better relationship with the affiliates and the network themselves. As we know communication can be abrupt between to parties. Affpinions stops communication errors and advises what the networks need to work on.

Giving You Advanced Knowledge

Maximising profit is everybody’s aim. Guides have been written such as this one and also this one about long-lasting income to help boost your profit. The articles are completely free to read, no sign-up is required and they are just one part of the Affpinions service.

Worldwide Service

No one region is targetted by this website, we cater to people all around the world. To help make it easier for Non-English speakers please use an automatic translation script like Google Translate to change the content into languages such as; Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese or Russian.

Elsewhere Online

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