What is ActWebMedia?

ActWebMedia is an advertising engine for mobile applications. The company is US based. Offers are available targeted at over 200 countries. You can also earn 5% referral commission if you refer new members.

What they say on their homepage:

“With Over 100 advertisers and 1000 campaigns in 200 countries, ActWebMedia gives you access to the highest-paying campaigns and more ways to generate your income.”

Please note at the last check in March 2021 this company’s website was not secure, their Facebook page has closed down, and they’ve not posted on mymediads for over 2 years despite being previously active there. There is also not other signs of activity from them within the affiliate industry. The company may have shuttered, but if anyone has any information please let us know.

Review key info about ActWebMedia below.

Payment details

Payments to all affiliates are made in the USD currency. At ActWebMedia the minimum payout is Unknown. Payouts are sent using or . The payment frequency of the ActWebMedia affiliate Network is Net-30.

Tracking and cookies

Affise is the tracking software used to track clicks you achieve.

The main commission types used are: , , .


They provide members with offers, often over 100 will be available.

ActWebMedia alternatives

If ActWebMedia is no longer an active business here's a few potential alternatives:

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Listing last modified: February 6, 2022

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