What is RakeTheRake?

RakeTheRake is a website in the poker industry that allows players to earn extra cash while playing online poker.

Poker players are able to earn rakeback while playing online poker. For full-time professional poker players it can add a nice amount of extra income to bring them some stability to their income. For amateur players it can generate a small amount of extra cash to chuck back into tournament entries and cash tables. A simple way to think of rakeback is like cashback on real-world products you buy.

About the RakeTheRake referral scheme

You earn 4% of players net rake as a referral fee. This means the amounts you earn will only be small even for big players. However, the income is continuous meaning if you refer dedicated poker players who generate rakeback for many years it could add up to worthwhile amounts.

An example calculation

Let’s imagine a low-stakes amateur poker player joins RakeTheRake using your referral link. Let’s pretend they do the following:

  • Earn 35% rakeback at the online poker room they use
  • Play at cash tables with $0.02/$0.05 stakes
  • On a 6max table size
  • For 2 hours per day on average

Over a full year they’d receive $230 in rakeback. As their affiliate you’d receive 4%, meaning $9.20. As you can see it’s not a huge amount ove a full year for someone who is playing an average of 2 hours per day. But hopefully it also highlights that if you referred a group of full-time players playing for many hours per day at significantly higher stakes, you’d earn healthy amounts. And remember that once the player has joined using your link they’re your affiliate for their lifetime.

RakeTheRake is free to join as a publisher.

Review key info about RakeTheRake below.

Payment details

Payments to all affiliates are made in the USD currency. At RakeTheRake the minimum payout is not publicly stated. Payouts are sent using or . The payment frequency of the RakeTheRake affiliate Referral Scheme is monthly.

Tracking and cookies

The tracking software used by RakeTheRake is their own in-house solution.

The main commission type used is .

RakeTheRake alternatives

Here are other affiliate companies that may be similar to RakeTheRake:

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Listing last modified: February 6, 2022

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