Find affiliate programs that pay lifetime or long date earnings

By joining these programs and working hard to promote products you can earn money from commissions over a long length of time. Each company mentioned has a small program bio and a link.

Using these programs you build downlines or promote products that have lifetime cookies. Over time they can result in a form of passive residual income for you. Long-term it can be very profitable to build up downlines and assets that keep paying out for many years.

On this page is a list of programs that will pay you earnings for many years, or maybe even life. It’s a fantastic business model and one worth spending time on.

Let’s jump in.

List of companies that pay commissions for life or many years


AdGate Media – A well-established CPA network that you can use to earn money from websites, apps or games. Should you have the skills to develop your own game then a company like this can help you make money from it. They also offer 5% lifetime commission on your downline making it worthwhile referring people.


Dreamstime – this is the company I have been most successful with, earning $52,000 in 6 years (they also gave me an iPad). I did it by promoting their free images section and from there many people would find images they liked that are very cheap and end up buying those instead of using a free one. Around 1/8 people I refer become buyers, and they pay commissions for 3-years after the person signed up. That’s why my income is so high from them, as some people become much bigger customers and repeat buyers. You can also refer photographers and get a share of their earnings for 3-years. If you are a good photographer or graphics designer yourself then you should also upload your files to earn money when people buy them. Combine that with referring buyers and it can be lucrative. See Dreamstime listing on Affpinions.

Clixsense official logo

Ysense – a “make money online” website that pays people to do tasks, surveys, and complete offers. You can earn money by promoting it and receiving commissions for the new referrals you send. You’ll receive cash when people join and also extra money when they reach an account balance of $5. You will then also receive ongoing commissions of 20% of the amount they earn.

GG2U – A rewards website targeted at gamers. Receive 5% of your referral’s earnings each time they cash out. Payments are made using PayPal, Bitcoin, and eGift Cards. – a GPT website that pays members to complete offers and surveys. Receive 5% commission on all the offers completed by your referrals.

Sharecash logo

ShareCash – on this website you can host files and get paid each time someone downloads one of your files. It could be an ebook, software, game, video or any other files. If you have things you have created then you can upload them, distribute them, and keep the income coming in for a very long time. Obviously, the more stuff you upload and distribute the more dollar you will make. The site has strict rules so do not upload copyrighted files or adult material, they are strictly prohibited, everything you upload must be your own work. They have a referral system whereby you can refer other members and receive 5% of the value of their earnings for life. The percentage you will receive will increase the more people you refer, up to a max of 12%.

raketherake logo

RakeTheRake – want to run a poker-based website? If so be sure to promote a service like RakeTheRake and you will get a percentage of the money made for the lifetime of the people you refer. Ideally, you want to refer big poker players who play with big money, that will make you a lot more than just going for recreational players who will upload $20 to a poker site. You will earn very little from the smaller fish, so try and signup big whales by creating a website/app/social media accounts that will attract serious players. View listing.


MarketHealth – you get 5% of what your downline earns. For example, if you refer a really good affiliate who makes themselves $1000 per month you will get $50 per month. As the name suggests they are in the health niche, so you can promote a variety of health products. Lots of different products to promote at the same time as building your downline.

MoreNiche customer supportMoreNiche – Focused on the health niche. You can promote a variety of products such as bodybuilding supplements, cholesterol-lowering products, fat burners, a testosterone booster as well as other stuff.

The adult products sector is a high margin sector meaning you can get up to 50% commission on some products and average basket values are high. They have ‘lifetime cookies’ meaning someone could click your link and not buy a product until a couple of years later and you would still get the commission!


PlugRush – will give you 5% of what your downline earns or spends at the program. They are a traffic network for website owners. This means you can refer webmasters who want to earn money from their website, or webmasters who want to promote their website. See PlugRush listing.

LuckyCrush – a video chat website for adults. The platform is different to many other webcam platforms because men are only connected with women. Men have to buy credits in order to use the website. Women get paid for chatting. You will earn commission on the men you refer who buy credits. You earn commission on their purchases for life.

Finding alternative programs

There may be other programs out there. The ones listed above are known trustworthy schemes. You shouldn’t stop your research there though if you think there must be others out there. Keep researching using your preferred search engine to find more.

A key thing to appreciate is that you get out what you put in with affiliation, there is no ceiling to your earnings. Unlike with PTC and things like that where there are only so many ads you can click on. With affiliation and building downlines there are so many products you can promote.

Some people will read this and make a half-hearted effort to join the programs, probably make a basic blog and then expect the money to come rolling in. And they won’t make any money!

Other people will work every evening for a few hours and build a fantastic arsenal of methods (their own website/blog, social media profiles, guest posting, Google Adwords, etc) to make sales and signup downline members. Those people will have much more success! Making a lot more than $1000 a month. And that is realistic, not like the silly online ads that’ll tell you to pay them $39 and they will show you a system that requires no work and will earn $5000 per month. Ignore them!!

Join programs like those on this page, for free. And then work hard to build up your own website, social media profiles and whatever other methods you want (email newsletters, Google Adwords, etc). That way you’re building something sustainable where the income will continue for many years, even if you stop doing this, the money will still be coming in. That is what’ll make you smart and separate you from the others scrapping around for a few dollars a month from PTC websites or wherever else.

Now go join the programs you like the look of best, make a plan, and get grinding to build up your little empire.

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Affiliate programs that pay lifetime commissions

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