What is Booking.com?

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Booking.com is a well-established online accommodation booking service that enables people to book at millions of different properties.

Booking.com operate a major affiliate program with over ten thousand members. You can profit from referring new properties as well as those buying travel products such as hotels and flights. The more people who make bookings using your link, the more you will earn.

All PayPal payments are made in Euros. The default for wire transfer is EUR but can also do USD and GBP for international.

To sign-up to be an affiliate at Booking.com is free.

Payment details for Booking.com

The platform uses the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD . At Booking.com the minimum payout is €100. Money owed to you is paid using or . The payment frequency of the Booking.com affiliate Program is Net-60.

Tracking and cookies

The tracking software used by Booking.com is their own in-house solution. Cookie length is not an issue for Booking.com because they do not use cookies to track conversions.

The main commission type used is .


A few of the niches/sectors Booking.com operate in:
  • hotel bookings
  • flights
  • car rentals
  • referring new properties

How to join the Booking.com affiliate Program

  • Visit the affiliate area.
  • View futher details on their website including in their FAQ’s.
  • To join fill in the three-step form.
  • Your account is approved instantly.

Sign-up requirements

Your website must adhere to their quality standards, including containing unique travel related content and steady traffic for at least a few months.

Benefits of being a member

  • There’s a huge amount of properties for every region. This means you can target people who are looking to travel in many different countries.
  • Being a well-known brand it could be easier to achieve conversions in comparison to lesser known brands.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Instant account approvals.

Who could the Booking.com affiliate Program be ideal for?

Bloggers in the travel niche. YouTubers who review beautiful holiday homes.

Is Booking.com a legit company?

Booking.com is a very well-established large business in the travel sector. It was founded in 1996 in Amsterdam. The website is part of Booking Holdings Inc which is traded on the NASDAQ with the symbol BKNG.

They have a dedicated affiliate support section you can contact if you want more details.

Booking.com alternatives

Here are other affiliate companies that may be similar to Booking.com: