What is LeadsGate?

LeadsGate is a fast paced pay-per-lead company with a strong focus on the US payday loan vertical. According to their marketing strategy they started its business expansion with market testing in Europe (so called run-in testing). In 2014 the company finally put their unique solution on the US market.

If you’re an advanced webmaster looking for the best way to monetize your payday leads, then LeadsGate payday affiliate network might be a perfect suit for you. And here are some reasons they say why:

  1. The most important thing – LeadsGate has the highest possible payouts, up to $230 per lead.
  2. With conversion rate like 25% and automated minimum payment $100 you will get your money quickly and without any problem.
  3. LeadsGate operates on auction-based lead selling system which means you get an access to the variety of lenders and as a result your leads are monetized in the most profitable way.
  4. Unique and profitable referral program.
  5. A CPA network that works on revenue share basis, where 90% of every payout is yours. You know that’s a very good indicator for the market.

LeadsGate is free to join as a publisher.

Review key info about LeadsGate below.

Payment details

Payments to all affiliates are made in the USD currency. At LeadsGate the minimum payout is $100. Money owed to you can be paid using these methods: , , , . The payment frequency of the LeadsGate affiliate Network is Unknown.

Tracking and cookies

The tracking software used by LeadsGate is their own in-house solution.

The main commission type used is .

LeadsGate alternatives

Here are other affiliate companies that may be similar to LeadsGate:

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Listing last modified: February 6, 2022

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