What is Affiliate2Day?

The Affiliate2Day affiliate programs allow non-adult websites to link to international dating sites and earn commissions on leads, first orders, and sales. For all transactions from referred clicks, Affiliate2Day handles customer service as well as affiliate management services.

It provides publishers, website owners, SMM-marketers, media buyers, bloggers etc. with the possibility to monetize their dating traffic.

Commission fees are paid on a monthly basis for all commissions earned in the previous month/s.

Available programs include Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale, and Pay per First Order, with fixed commissions varying from $2.5 to $300, or 25% of each sale, depending on the chosen program.

Besides traffic from non-adult websites, the company also accepts traffic from forums, communities, and social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To sign-up to be an affiliate at Affiliate2Day is free.

Review more important info about Affiliate2Day below.

Payment details

The platform uses the following currencies: EUR, USD . At Affiliate2Day the minimum payout is $40. Money owed to you can be paid using these methods: , , . The payment frequency of the Affiliate2Day affiliate Program is monthly.

Tracking and cookies

idev affiliate is the tracking software used to track clicks you achieve. Cookie length is 7 days.

The main commission types used are: , .

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Listing last modified: August 11, 2022

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