How To Promote Adult Affiliate Sites

Promoting an adult website can be challenging, as many traditional advertising channels don’t allow for the promotion of adult content.

Here are some ways to promote an adult affiliate site:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): This works for the adult industry too! Optimize your website’s content, theme, structure, authority signals, and speed to improve it’s visibility and rankings in search engine results. It’s a long-term process but can provide the cheapest traffic!
  2. Social media: Despite being an adult business you can still use social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Quora. They have a significant amount of adult content so it’s a no-brainer to use them to build your profiles up and now and again share the best links to your website and engage with potential customers/users. Not all platforms allow adult content, neither Facebook nor Pinterest allow 18+ content.
  3. Adult-specific advertising networks: There are adult-specific advertising networks that allow the promotion of adult websites. They can be a good alternative to Google Adwords.
  4. Social sharing links: You could encourage your current users to use share links to refer their partner or even friends to your website. The take-up level may be low as many wouldn’t want to share the adult websites they use with friends! But it’s free and easy to do using HTML widget embeds or WordPress plugins.
  5. Email marketing: Depending on the type of adult site you have you could build an email list and send out regular newsletters to promote your new content. This would work well for erotica affiliate websites or blogs about sex toys. It wouldn’t work so well for an adult tube type website.
  6. Write guest posts: Offer to write content for other adult websites in your corner of the web. Include a link back to your website and you may get some clicks. It can sometimes also help your SEO efforts.
  7. Hire a marketing pro: If you spend a long time trying and still can’t get traffic, then you could consider a marketing professional who specialises in the industry. It will always be free to get a quote from them at the very least.

It’s important to be aware that adult only affiliate websites aren’t allowed on all platforms. Always check and be sure to comply with terms of service of the different platforms you are using.

It can take a long time to get traffic to your new adult affiliate website so put together a good plan and stick with. Keep tracking your stats using Google Webmaster Console and long-term a well executed plan should reap the rewards with high levels of traffic.

Good luck with your adult business!

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