What is Clickworker?

Screenshot of www.clickworker.com

Clickworker is a well-established crowd-working website where users can earn money by doing quick and easy small tasks. Each one pays a small amount and users can do as much or as little work as they want, depending on how many tasks are available of course.

As an affiliate you can refer new members and get paid for it. Each person you refer earns you 5 Euros, but only once they’ve earned a minimum of 10 Euros for themselves.

The minimum payout is 10 Euros if you use PayPal, or 5 Euros if you use Payoneer.

Clickworker is free to join.

Payment details for Clickworker

Payments to all affiliates are made in the EUR currency. At Clickworker the minimum payout is 5 Euros. Money owed to you is paid using or . The payment frequency of the Clickworker affiliate Program is Weekly.

Tracking and cookies

The tracking software used by Clickworker is their own in-house solution.

The main commission type used is .

How to join the Clickworker affiliate Program

  • Read more info on their site if you still have questions.
  • If you’re ready to join click the ‘Register’ button in the menu.
  • You’ll get two options, one is earn money online, and the other is to place orders. You want to click the option for earning money online.
  • Follow the form steps to enter all your details and submit everything.
  • Once you’re registered you can then find your affiliate link in the members area. If you also wish to earn extra money you can start completing tasks.

Who could the Clickworker affiliate Program be ideal for?

Someone who wants a platform to do crowdworking on to earn a bit of extra money as well as referring friends, family and acquaintances.