What is Udemy?

Udemy is a well-known platform that allows anybody to take online courses provided by instructors.

You can profit from promoting the Udemy service by joining their affiliate program.

If you run a website you may be able to promote individual courses to your users that are on-topic. Expect to receive a commission rate of 20%. Unfortunately, you only have a seven-day conversion window from when someone clicks on your link, which is very short compared to other programs and something to consider.

To sign-up to be an affiliate at Udemy is free.

Review more important info about Udemy below.

Payment details

Payments to all affiliates are made in the USD currency. At Udemy the minimum payout is Unknown. Payouts are sent using . The payment frequency of the Udemy affiliate Program is Monthly.

Tracking and cookies

Linkshare is the tracking software used to track clicks you achieve.

The main commission type used is .


A few of the niches/sectors Udemy operate in:
  • Programming
  • Web and game development
  • Design
  • Photography

Udemy alternatives

Here are other affiliate companies that may be similar to Udemy:


Frequently asked questions.

Are there any similar affiliate programs to Udemy's?
Yes, if Udemy isn't for you but you do want to promote courses consider looking into 360Training, Coursera, CreativeLive, Pluralsight, SimpliLearn, and Springboard. They all have affiliate programs too.

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