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Work hardAs an affiliate you're able to earn commission for every lead or sale you send to a business that has an affiliate program. You can send visitors from your own website, mobile app, or social media profiles.

Affpinions can help you discover affiliate networks and programs that could be profitable for you. To get stuck in and start finding new companies by category click this button or read more information further down the page.

How It Works

Chart showing profits going up Businesses have affiliate programs to increase their sales. It's a form of marketing for them. That's why it's often called "affiliate marketing". It's these programs that you can join for free. If you're new here's a step-by-step guide on using Affpinions to get going.

  1. Explore this website to find lots of fantastic programs.
  2. Read their details to learn information such as minimum payouts, payment methods, and example products.
  3. Make a shortlist of websites you may want to join, you can apply to as many as you like.
  4. Apply to join the affiliate programs you want to be a part of.
  5. Some have automatic acceptance, others will have to review your application. They may decide whether to accept or reject your membership based on what methods you plan to use to promote their products and how much traffic you have.
  6. Once you're part of the programs you can then find the unique URL's for that retailer and add them to your websites, apps, social media channels or however else you want to promote them.
  7. The journey has then begun, you're now an affiliate.
The above explanation gives you a brief overview of how to go about things. But if you want a more in-depth look at affiliate marketing as a whole then read our full-page about it.

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I am very satisfied with CPARK. They have very profitable offers, many tools, lockers and plugins ready to use. Being a senior member for about nearly 1 year now, they always paid fast and always on time. Awesome perks using the network. You can request custom payout(increase on the payout for each conversation) for any offer and usually, it is always granted.

absolutely handy dashboard, very smart and attentive support, my manager is Inna, she's very good am!! Was my first network to work with and goes on to be for me of the best! One of the best affiliate networks. Excellent attention and weekly payments.

I work with many publishers and adv. and I can assure you the CPARK is one of the most reliable companies! Managers do a great job! Payments - on time, a lot of top offers which convert very good. Want to earn money - go to cpark Highly recommend!

Most Opinionated:

Increase Your Knowledge

Work hardNo business is easy to run, maximizing your revenue is always vital. If you are, or want to be an affiliate, it starts by joining the right programs for you who will pay well and be good to you. Quality products and fair payments are vital ingredients to a brilliant program. That's why there's so many people who are Amazon affiliates.

If you wish to boost the profits from your blog, app, social media profiles, website, ebook, YouTube channel, contacts or other online assets then trying affiliation as a revenue stream is a good idea. If you work hard, approach it professionally, research thoroughly and increase your own expertise it can pay off. As a revenue generation model it's less intrusive compared to traditional banner ads and can be more rewarding for the bank balance.

You can only increase your knowledge, and in turn, skills, by putting in the time. There are some aspects of the Affpinions website that could help you. There's a blog, podcast, and videos. Here's more information about each.

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