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What is affiliate marketing?

It's often called "affiliate marketing" because it's a form of marketing for businesses. As the affiliate you promote their products and services. In return the businesses pay you commission for sales you refer.
Here's the step-by-step process:

  1. Join affiliate programs.
  2. Add tracking links to your websites, social media profiles, apps etc.
  3. People click on your links.
  4. Clicks are tracked and you'll see how many convert into sales.
  5. For each customer you send you'll receive a commission.
  6. Once you reach payout thresholds the money will be paid to you.

The above explanation gives a brief overview of how it works. If you want a more in-depth look at affiliate marketing as a whole then read the guide.

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FAQs about being an affiliate

Here's a collection of commonly searched for topics. Each one has a brief answer to help you if you're still learning, or merely investigating affiliation as a revenue-generation method for a digital business.

What is the highest paying affiliate program listed here?
There's never one permanent affiliate program that's the highest paying. If you put 10 random people who generate revenue from affiliate marketing and asked them what their highest paying program was, you'd get quite a few different answers. The highest paying program for you depends on which niche you operate in, types of marketing methods you do, the size of your audience and how hard you promote. Some programs also have private agreements with individual affiliates. That means a program that may not start out as a high payer, may grow to become a high payer.

Which one is the best affiliate program to join?
If you're brand new to the industry it can be best to join one of the major networks such as ShareASale or CJ. Those networks have merchants in many different categories. It means by creating just one account on one of those networks you'll have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of merchants in different niches. Doing it that way keeps things simple and allows you to focus on growing your audience first. Then once you have an established asset to monetize, you can look into joining lots of programs.

What big brands have affiliate programs?
Many major brands use affiliate programs to help them increase sales. Two of the most well-known programs are Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network. Within affiliate networks you may also see other major brands such as Netflix.

Are affiliate programs legit?
Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. That can only be facilitated by having programs and networks that are reliable. There are plenty of well-established networks and programs that have been around a long time with thousands of happy affiliates. But inevitably not all companies behave the same and go about things in the same way. That's why Affpinions exists, to help you learn about companies and work out whether each one is legit or not.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?
There are many different ways to promote your affiliate links. Using social media is one of them. It's free to setup social media accounts meaning you don't need any money to get going. These days websites are very cheap to setup, you can even start for free by using websites like WordPress.com. Many YouTubers put affiliate links in their video descriptions. And if you know how to develop mobile apps then it's very cheap to list in the Google Play Store. So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to build an audience for little to no cost. And because the majority of networks are free to join you don't need money for that neither.

Still need more help? We've got your back. There's also a Knowledge Base, blog, and articles that can you help. Find them from the navigation menus or click the button below for more FAQs.

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Which market do you want to make money in?

This is the core of what Affpinions is about - discovering new affiliate marketing CPA programs. You can start by browsing our lists containing differerent networks in each vertical by clicking one below to review it.

Alternatively you can jump straight below into the latest additions.

Latest listings added

The database is regularly updated with updates and new listings. Here's a list of the latest additions to the website.

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Booking.com - Booking.com operate a major affiliate program with thousands of members. You can profit from referring new properties as well as those buying travel products.

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Travelpayouts - Travelpayouts is a major CPA travel affiliate network. As a member you can get access to a range of tools including widgets and a white label solution.

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Adpump - Adpump is a global CPA network operating in 14 countries. They operate in a variety of verticals including; travel, gambling, education, e-commerce and others.

Alternatively click the button below to see the latest listings that have been added or edited.

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Newest blog posts

A blog is maintained to give an outlet to share information affiliates may be interested in. Here's the latest posts published and ready to be read.

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A few facts about Affpinions! I thought I'd do a slightly different blog post this time around. Which country do you think we get most visitors from?

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Why you should play the long game with your business and avoid trying to get rich quick You can make money in many different ways with affiliate marketing. Whichever way you choose, it's best to take your time, this isn't a get rich quick industry.

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Should you add a "nofollow" attribute or "sponsored" attribute to affiliate links? I have personally always added the “nofollow” attribute to all outbound affiliate links. Here I’ll explain why I’ve done that, and the situation ever since September 2019 when Google announced the creation of the “sponsored” attribute.

To see the full archive of the blog here's the link.

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