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If you own a website or other internet assets such as social media accounts and wish to increase your business revenue then affiliate marketing programs can help you do that! Different products and services can be promoted via free-to-join networks. At Affpinions you can discover affiliate marketing programs and tools that can make you money.

Existing user reviews are already live on many listings here. You can also leave your own honest feedback. Below is a random selection of programs, or you can choose specific ones from the right-hand menu. If you're disappointed with the network you use now hopefully the alternatives here are suitable for your profit goals.

If you're unsure where to start, here's some randomly selected programs to take a look at.

Random Programs

AdGate Media

Well established CPA network. Earn money from your visitors or users in a variety of ways. You can earn more from your website, app or games. Read more »

Yes Advertising

What the company say about themselves: Yes Advertising is the industry's most trusted company for making on time payments. Revenue We offer webmasters the most generous CPM payo...


iGain is an affiliate network focused around market research. This network is best for if you are promoting ways for people to make money from surveys and that sort of thing. You c...

Recent Opinions:

This company appears to have closed down. The products they claim to have in their program go to dead pages. Their news section hasn't been updated since 2009 and the design looks very old. So we class this business as inactive.

This business appears to have disappeared. Their website is no longer live and their Twitter account also hasn't been updated for many years. The listing has been updated with a closure notice at the top of it.

Before using mighty "wingoads", which indeed is good ad network except that for publishers there are no CPM offers, have had great success using a smaller platform from LoadAds which is much simpler and pays good by CPM.

Most Opinionated:

The Road to Higher Profits!

No business is easy to run, maximizing your revenue is always vital. If you are, or want to be an affiliate, it starts by joining the right programs for you who will pay well and be good to you. Quality products and fair payments are vital ingredients to a good program. That is why there are so many people who are Amazon affiliates.

If you wish to profit from your blog, website, ebook, contacts or other online assets then using affiliation as a revenue stream is a very good idea. If you work hard, approach it professionally, research thoroughly on the industry and become an expert it can really pay off. It is less intrusive compared to traditional banner ads and can be more rewarding for the bank balance.

Here we have put together some popular questions from people and answered them.

Work hardHow much can I earn via these programs? Unfortunately this is very much a; how long is a piece of string situation. It all depends on the access to potential clickers of your affiliate links, the niche, the company you're promoting, how targeted the campaign is, and of course a bit of lady luck also. If you have a niche website receiving 100,000 unique visitors per month and you promote a highly-targeted good product to them (which pays fair commissions) then you should expect some returns. If you push the campaign hard with good advertising and marketing tactics, and get 25% of visitors to click on an affiliate link, and 2% of those people convert, that is 500 sales per month, if you're receiving an average of only $3 per sale that is already $1500 revenue.

I still don't fully understand what affiliate marketing is, what exactly is it? At Wikipedia they define it as:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.
In a nutshell; you send the visitors, who become customers and you get a commission. For a more in-depth look read this page.

What is shaving? No we aren't talking about body hair. This is a term you will sometimes see reviewers on this website using. 'Shaving' is what some nasty companies do, they use software that only tracks a certain percentage of sales, for example 90%.

Can I trust all of the affiliate reviews? We monitor everything written by visitors, and do our best to look carefully at tell tail signs before publishing any comment or review. However some reviews may not be fully trustworthy, thankfully the power of numbers means the overall ratings should be fairly reliable. For this reason we also encourage you to get involved and submit feedback on any company you have experience of, this will help us combat those playing the system. You can also try sites like Affpaying to see what people say there.

How easy is signing up to programs? Generally it is quite simple. Some will automatically accept everybody meaning you can get up and running instantly. Others have minimum requirements, such as traffic levels, before accepting you. Going to affiliate summits, presentations and events will also help build your relationship with the companies.
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