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It doesn't matter if you're looking to place affiliate links on your website, social media profiles, mobile app, newsletter or YouTube channel, there are programs suitable for most needs.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you're completely new to affiliation then let's quickly run through what it is. That way you know whether to progress further or not!

Chart showing profits going upAs an affiliate you promote other companies products and services in return for commission. It's a form of marketing for business. That's why it's often called "affiliate marketing". Here's the step-by-step process:

  1. Join affiliate programs.
  2. Add tracking links to your websites, social media profiles, apps etc.
  3. People click on your links.
  4. Clicks are tracked and you'll see how many convert into sales.
  5. For each customer you send you'll receive a commission.
  6. Once you reach payout thresholds the money will be paid to you.

The above explanation gives a brief overview of how it works. If you want a more in-depth look at affiliate marketing as a whole then read the full guide.

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How To Discover Programs

This is the core of what Affpinions is about - discovering new affiliate marketing CPA programs. You can start by browsing our lists containing differerent networks in each vertical by clicking one below to review it. Alternatively you can filter by niche or payment method.

HealthSoftware And Downloads
FinanceApp & Mobile Monetization
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If those methods don't suit you then why not just straight in to some of the latest added companies, or check out the most recently published blog posts below. Once you're settled in you can get on with weighing up the pros and cons of each company.

Latest Listings Added To Affpinions

  • Logo operate a major affiliate program with thousands of members. You can profit from referring new properties as well as those buying travel products.

  • Travelpayouts Logo

    Travelpayouts is a major CPA travel affiliate network. As a member you can get access to a range of tools including widgets and a white label solution.

  • Adpump Logo

    Adpump is a global CPA network operating in 14 countries. They operate in a variety of verticals including; travel, gambling, education, e-commerce and others.

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Newest Blog Posts

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What This Website Can Do For You

No business is easy to run, maximizing your revenue is always vital. If you are, or want to be an affiliate, it starts by joining the right programs for you who will pay well and be good to you. Quality products and fair payments are vital ingredients to a brilliant program. Using our reviews you can see data on what each company offers.

If you wish to boost the profits from your blog, app, social media profiles, website, ebook, YouTube channel, contacts or other online assets then trying affiliation as a revenue stream is a good idea. If you work hard, approach it professionally, research thoroughly and increase your own expertise it can pay off. As a revenue generation model it's less intrusive compared to traditional banner ads and can be more rewarding for the bank balance.

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Thanks for visiting this directory for business people today, hopefully your stay is a profitable one. If you experience a problem whilst here, please contact support and we'll do our best to resolve your issue. Affpinions is a free service and is appreciative of feedback and help improving it. In the meantime, happy money making.



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