What is Wise?

Screenshot of wise.com

Wise.com (formerly TransferWise) is a money transfer service allowing members to hold balances in lots of different currencies. Users can transfer money as well as shop using their balances in different currencies. The fee structures used by Wise mean it can be cheaper to transfer money using them in comparison to banks and other services such as PayPal.

About the Wise affiliate program

You have two options:

  1. be a regular member, invite people you know such as friends and family and receive cash
  2. be a full affiliate and join the the affiliate program for commission, it’s powered by Partnerize

If you create a regular account at Wise you’re automatically enrolled into the invite program. You will find your unique referral link to send to friends by clicking the “Invite” link when you’re logged into your account.

If you’re a publisher or large influencer you need to join the full affiliate program. Find more details about it here and here.

Wise is free to join.

Payment details for Wise

Payments to all affiliates are made in the GBP currency. At Wise the minimum payout is £50. Money owed to you is paid using . The payment frequency of the Wise affiliate Referral Scheme is every 30 days for the affiliate program.

Tracking and cookies

Partnerize is the tracking software used to track clicks you achieve.

The main commission type used is .