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Listen to the latest episodes of the Affpinions affiliate marketing podcast below. To subscribe to new episodes the feed is or find it here on iTunes or Spotify.

Episode 6 – Factors that affect whether your affiliate marketing revenue is passive income

In this episode I discuss whether you can make passive income from affiliate marketing and what the key considerations are. This podcast episode is formed from this blog post about passive income.

Episode 5 – Is the affiliate marketing industry growing, stable, or shrinking?

The topic in this episode of the Affpinions podcast is whether the affiliate marketing industry is currently growing, stable, or declining?

Episode 4 – Is your affiliate business futureproof?

In this episode I talk about how you can go about checking whether your business is at risk of failing in the future and what you can do to futureproof it.

Episode 3 – Answering questions to increase your online revenue

In the third episode it’s all about how to improve your content by answering questions consumers want to know about the product or service that you’re marketing.

Episode 2 – Benefits of using unique product images in affiliate marketing

In the second episode of the Affpinions podcast the topic is; using unique products in your content to increase revenue generated from affiliate marketing.

Episode 1 – Introduction to this affiliate podcast

In this opening episode details are given about the new affiliate podcast by the website.

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