How to make money from the golf industry as an affiliate

Lots of golf entrepreneurs profit from the industry they love. Why not join them? If you’re thinking about running a business within golf (be it full-time or side hustle) then the affiliate marketing business model may be an option for you.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, please read our introduction guide to the industry and then return to this page.

Let’s look at how it works making money from the golf industry as an affiliate publishing content.

6 steps to build a digital golf business generating revenue from affiliation:

  1. Choose which part of the golf market you’ll target. It could be golfers wanting product reviews, fans who watch it on TV, people who love memes, the business market, or it could be golfing holidaymakers. See more thoughts below in the ‘golf website ideas’ section.
  2. Find affiliate marketing programs in the golf niche that you will be able to refer sales to, we have a list of golf affiliate programs that can help you.
  3. Create your website (use our golf website setup guide for help).
  4. Publish valuable content that’ll be liked by people who view it and help you build a community.
  5. Add your personal affiliate links to your content once you’ve been approved at the golf affiliate programs you’ve joined.
  6. Push your marketing to receive visitors to your content and then you can start converting visitors and earning commissions.
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Now you know the steps you need to complete, it’s time to formulate your business idea.

Golf website ideas

If you’re struggling with business ideas, here are some ideas for golf businesses to start:

  • Golf blog – write about any topic you want within the game of golf, including your own opinion on things. When opportunities come to discuss products or things like golf holidays, include affiliate links for revenue. You could also cover other commercial opportunities such as sharing when golf retailers have big sales events or coupon codes.
  • Golf guides – help people with their swing with free articles, as well as offering paid-for options such as a full step-by-step guide to lowering their handicap (or linking to affiliate programs for them).
  • Golf industry news – create a new website covering the latest goings on in the pro game on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, the amateur game, and across the industry. Include affiliate links in articles about new products.
  • Golf entertainment website – these days lots of people love industry gossip, memes, jokes, and videos! You could create your own content and share other people’s content with your own opinion on it.
  • User reviews – publish reviews of golf products including clubs, clothing, bags, simulators, books, and even golf business gifts. Be sure to always add an affiliate link for every product.

Remember with these sorts of websites you can operate more than one revenue stream. You wouldn’t have to only use affiliate marketing, you could also display ads such as Google Adsense.

These are only a handful of ideas for golf websites to make money from. Unleash your creativity and brainstorm your own business ideas too! If needs be use the search engines to research the existing market and eventually you might stumble across some golf business opportunities that are currently underserved. Remember to always be adding value to the industry, don’t just copy others.

More ways to make money from golf as an affiliate

Other content types you could consider:

  • YouTuber – fancy yourself as the next Rick Shiels? You can make money from YouTube ads, but also include affiliate links in video descriptions.
  • Podcaster – the industry has quite a few popular golf podcasts now, but if you have a unique angle and unique opinions then it can still be possible to break into the industry. Each podcast episode has a description you can put your affiliate links in.

Once you’ve settled on what type of digital golf business you’re going to create, you need to give it a name!

Golf website and brand names ideas

You want to create a brand you can be proud of and that visitors will like. Here are a few golf business names we’ve brainstormed (remember to check they’re not already in use):

  • The Gift Of Golf
  • Life Of A Golfer
  • Golfing For Gold
  • Bogey Mad
  • Golfipedia
  • Golfing For Fun
  • The Swinging Eagle
  • Big Bad Bunkers
  • Shankers Paradise

If you use one of the branding names above let us know and we’ll remove it!

Once you’ve settled on a business name it’s time to complete your business plan and set up a website.

Be clear on your aims for your golf business and get started!

There’s a huge difference between trying to create a fun blog where you just post stuff like golf memes, jokes, and golf gift reviews, and trying to run a full media outlet competing with GolfDigest. If you only want a nice little side hustle then it’s a lot easier and cheaper to start the business. But a bigger business will need more people involved and more finances available to it.

While writing your business plan and researching the market always be clear on what your aspirations are. It’ll make sure you don’t create a project too big that you can’t deliver it.

If you already have a job in the industry and want to make more money in the golf industry, be sure to use your existing contacts and knowledge to improve your chances of success.

Creating a new website and getting going may look easy laid out in simple steps, but executing the business plan can be harder. So stay humble, stay hungry, and keep your eyes on the prize. Otherwise the business will end up like a round of golf filled with shanks and thins!

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