ShareASale (Canada)



ShareASale (Canada)

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is a performance-based affiliate marketing website that connects publishers who want to profit from affiliate marketing with merchants who wish to promote their products or services to a global audience.

ShareASale is based in the U.S. but welcomes affiliates and merchants from Canada.

Why Publishers Use ShareASale

Publishers (such as bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, etc) sign-up as an affiliate to ShareASale to earn commissions from adding unique links to their content. This allows affiliates to refer visitors to merchants’ websites and achieve commission for completed sales or other desired actions.

There’s no limit on earnings for affiliates from Canada. Payouts are made monthly in USD to affiliates with a balance over USD$50 and are converted to CAD during the international bank transfer to the Canadian bank account. Canadian affiliates can also receive a cheque in USD currency via FedEx.

Why Merchants Use ShareASale

For merchants (such as E-commerce businesses) ShareASale is used as a marketing method to increase their product or service sales revenue. Merchants can launch their affiliate program and manage it using the ShareASale platform to track the performance of their approved affiliates.

ShareASale accepts merchants from around the world including Canadian retailers.

Cost To Join ShareASale

It’s free for affiliates from Canada to join ShareASale and there’s no monthly fee to stay active.

For merchants from Canada, $750 is needed to get set up as a merchant at ShareASale. There’s a $625 merchant setup cost and a minimum deposit of $125 is also required (this will be used to pay the first affiliates for their sales). While the affiliate program is live merchants pay a transaction fee of 20% of the commission amount for each qualified transaction.

Payments from Canadian merchants to ShareASale are possible thanks to currency conversion using deposit methods such as PayPal. And auto-top-up of the merchant account balance is possible, including by attaching a credit card to the account.

About The Company

ShareASale is based in Chicago IL1 in the United States and is a widely used platform by publishers and merchants in the affiliate marketing industry. It was founded around August 2000 according to the Wayback Machine. ShareASale is currently part of The Awin Group.

Beginners Guide

New to ShareASale? Learn more by reading the ShareASale beginner’s guide that explains key information such as payment methods, minimum payout, and other useful things about the affiliate network.


You can learn more about the company and create an account at


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