MoreNiche vs HealthTrader

These two companies are both well established in the health sector. Both affiliate networks allow you to promote a wide range of different health products including health supplements, weight loss aids, home blood testing kids, and more. Let’s see how the two compare to each other.

MoreNiche Logo vs HealthTrader Logo

Minimum payout

MoreNiche have a minimum payout of $100, £50, €100 . In comparison the minimum payout of HealthTrader is £100 .

Payment methods

MoreNiche can send payments to you using , , , , . While HealthTrader will pay you using , , , .

Payout frequency

MoreNiche pay out Every 2 Weeks. While HealthTrader will pay you twice a month.

Commission types

MoreNiche use these commision types: , . At HealthTrader they prioritize , , .


You will be paid in , , by MoreNiche. HealthTrader will pay you in currency.


MoreNiche use CAKE & in-house tracking system software. HealthTrader use In-house software.


Visit MoreNiche here and find HealthTrader here.

More info

Both platforms are free to create an account at.

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