Ways to detect if an affiliate program could be a scam

This is always one of the first things to find out. It’s great if they offer high commissions, but what if they never pay you? Unfortunately the world wide web is known for having people who operate in a deceitful way and pretend to offer a service which in reality is not what it appears. Thankfully things have got better in recent times but it is still wise to do you research to ensure you don’t get stung.

Here are a few ways to find out if a program or network is a scam.

  • Research other peoples reviews, using our search feature to find their listing on our website is the perfect place to start.
  • Be wary of companies who ask you to pay to sign-up. If you have to pay a deposit (IE the money remains in your account) that’s not so bad. But having to pay a lot of money just to join up is a warning sign.
  • If you research and can’t find anything about a company you have to ask a question about them. Typing a web address into google can tell a lot, if they are hardly mentioned anywhere across the entire web and have very few inbounds something must be array.
  • Contact them. If in doubt drop them an email with some questions and see how quickly they respond and what the response is like.

Hopefully those few bits of advice can help you avoid affiliate scams. Good luck in finding the right products and stores to promote.

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