Free WordPress Theme Built By Affpinions – Fiery Warning!

This is a free theme developed from scratch by Affpinions. It goes by the name “Fiery Warning”! On this page are details about the theme and also how to get support.

See the demo.

About The Design

The WordPress repository is full of simple themes which don’t have a lot of color. Although many of them are great there probably is a lack of color. For that reason the decision was taken to create a theme with a bright background and a clear identity. The idea of fire was settled on and the result is what you see here in this screenshot.

Theme Preview

Where To Download

Coming soon…

Who’s It Targeted At

Mainly bloggers, but you could create a website full of static articles no problem. Although Affpinions is a service for affiliates this design isn’t thought of as being purely for affiliates. However this certainly isn’t one for the masses, the thought is that it would be used by people writing about consumer rights, or politics, or companies behaving badly! In terms of functionality it’s for those who want a simple theme that loads quickly and means you can not worry about the design and just get on with content creation!


Please ask any questions in the WordPress forum and we’ll do our best to help.

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