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This is a directory of businesses that are involved in the affiliate sector or may help you with your business. It includes software products, blogs, forums and all sorts of other websites. If you wish to include your business in the directory their is an editorial fee of $10 payable via Paypal, please get in touch with your submission details and you’ll be invoiced. If you don’t want to pay then we may be able to exchange links depending on your business and where you would link to Affpinions.

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A fantastic productivity tool to help you organise your business and track projects. Can be used by individuals or by teams if there is more than one person working for your business. Basic version of Asana is free and will meet the requirements of lots of people.


Having a laptop or PC that is running well will always mean your business has the best chance of flourishing. An old device will lead to poor efficiency and you won't maximise potential. There are a few good places to check out what hardware options are available for your ebiz, Amazon in your country is always a good one.


If you've came to this web business directory then be sure to visit the Affpinions homepage, this is one of the best websites for discovering affiliate programs that can help you make more money! The main website is regularly updated to make sure listing are kept as fresh as possible. You can contribute by posting reviews and alerting us to the latest updates to companies services.


If you are looking for reliable web hosting then HostGator are worth considering. They are a very well-known and well established business. They also have flexible payment plans so you can pay monthly or even pay for multiple years if you want to in order to save costs. Packages come in different sizes depending on how much traffic you plan to get and how big your website is. For most affiliate businesses a small package is perfectly adequate.


One of the most active affiliate forums where you can find lots of useful people who can help you out. The website also has resources you can use and discounts you can take advantage of. At any time there are lots of people online from all around the world meaning you can often get advice quickly.