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There are over 3,500 merchants plugged into the ShareASale Network giving you a vast amount of retailers and individual products to promote. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling - and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them. The large range means there should be good products and companies to promote in your niche, whether you are a blogger, use facebook, twitter or email newsletters.

The idea - and the implementation - are simple. You decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them, and when commissions are generated, you can see your statistics in real-time. All payments are consolidated from the programs you participate in, and are paid with one check or direct deposit.

The sorts of program niches you can promote include:

  • Fashion
  • Home and garden
  • Jewelry
  • Gifts
  • Sports and fitness
  • Web hosting
  • Travel
  • Debt and finance
  • Automotive
That's only a short list of some of the niches that merchant brands operate in, there's others too.

ShareASale has a strict "No Software" policy which means you will not have to deal with affiliates utilizing Adware, Toolbars, or other desktop software.

In you're account you can use the 'payment trigger' feature to manually set a higher payout level if you wish to build up a bigger balance and receive bigger payments less often rather than smaller monthly payments.

Network Details

Review Of ShareASale Service Data
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: , , ,
Payment Frequency:Monthly, on 20th of each month
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: , , ,
Tracking Software:In-house
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website:

Preview of ShareASale‘s Website

ShareASale Website Preview

The company is based in Chicago, USA and was founded over two decades ago!

If you use social media you can connect with them on all mainstream sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, their username is always @sharesale .

Affpinions Experience

We're based in the UK and have experienced no problems with the service over the years we have used it. Receiving payments has always worked fine with no delays in receiving money owed. Here's a screenshot of how the website looks, you can also click on it to visit the website. Shareasale website

How To Join

  1. Visit The Network

  2. Read any other information you want to know.
  3. To join you'll see a link in the header section titled 'Affiliate Sign Up', click that.
  4. Follow the process by entering all your details.
  5. Submit the form and see whether your account gets approved or declined.

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FAQs About ShareASale

Here's a few FAQs that may help you.

  • Which countries are members allowed from?
    ShareASale welcomes members from a huge amount of countries, including USA, India, UK, Spain, Pakistan, and many more. When you register you have to select which country you live in.
  • Can I create an account if I don't have a website.
    Even if you have no website you can still join because they allow other promotion methods too such as social media and email newsletters.
  • How do you find the best merchants?
    Once you're logged into your ShareASale account you're able to find merchants using the 'Search For Merchants' section. From there you can alter the order of merchants by options such as '7 Day EPC' and 'Sale Commission'. Doing that will allow you to find the best merchants for your needs.

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@Karl Clayton: Karl,
Two points:
Did you ever invite affiliates that you considered to be desirable via email?

Is it possible that your website is just not converting ? or that your product is not something that the market is interested in?

Bottom line, are you getting a decent volume of sales from your advertising, promotion & social media engagement?

Neva Howell

Update: Since February 2016 when I posted my review of shareasale, I have made zero. I have since removed almost all shareasale links. I keep the Amoils link because the company did away with their in-house program so shareasale is the only option. Otherwise, I’d drop all shareasale links as soon as I could find replacements.

Despite Brian Littleton emailing me that he saw nothing out of the way on my account, I know the hits I used to get and while the money was never big, it came in little checks. Nothing now and I’m convinced either merchants or affiliate scum programs are stealing sales.

It’s too bad because shareasale used to be my favorite despite making more money with almost every in-house program I promoted.

Kelly Clover

Some time ago I had most of the ShareaSale links replaced because I suspected I had been cheated but lacked hard evidence to prove it. There are quite a few dishonest affiliates who are gaming the system so they get commissions that belong to other affiliates. Sadly many cheaters don’t get caught until they have already stolen millions of dollars. There are also some greedy merchants who are cheating as well.
I suggested some time ago to Bryan Littleton that there be an independent audit of all ShareaSale affiliate and merchant accounts. This is the only way to catch the cheaters. He was unwilling to do it.
Not very many affiliates on ShareaSale seem to be making any money.
I am 100% sure that ALL the affiliate networks have quite a few cheaters who are ripping off honest hardworking bloggers and affiliates. Sadly the internet is very poorly policed and far too many cheaters are never caught until they have already stolen millions of dollars. I believe that ShareaSale’s platform is one of the easiest for the cheaters to game. But they do it on the others as well.
I believe that honest hard working bloggers and affiliates are getting cheated on virtually ALL the affiliate networks. And in the case of individual merchants who offer direct affiliate programs without using a network, you will find cheaters there as well.

Neva Howell

I joined shareasale so long ago I can’t remember. At first, I loved that it was parasite free. However, over the years almost all affiliate programs have failed me so I just stopped using them. I had one merchant in shareasale who had products I really liked (natural ADD treatment, etc.) so I added their banners about six months ago. I made two sales within the first week and was very excited. Then, it was just as if someone turned my account off (can merchants do that if any affiliate is making too much money? If so, that’s so wrong). I removed that merchant and was undecided if I’d continue after that.

This year, I got tired of just seeing google adsense ads on my site so I went back to shareasale and started promoting again. The only reason I choose them over CJ or Linkshare is the parasite-free policy. I find all three interfaces cumbersome but the tracking capacity in the others is far better than SAS.

I wouldn’t say I’m blown away after coming back to SAS but willing to give it a few months. No sales yet with tons of very carefully adding specific niche-market ads over the past week. I am putting a lot of research into the right links on the right pages and hoping it will pay off.

I also wrote to ask that my payment be switched from check to paypal. That was about a week ago. I did hear back from someone at SAS asking for my info, but it has not been changed.

I was reading earlier reviews and it seems like SAS used to be praised to the heavens. What happened? The newer reviews don’t tend to be so positive. They might need to be paying attention to this.


I just joined ShareASale and earned $34 so far. You have to work and post daily if you’re using social media. For social media automation, I currently use HootSuite I load up my post for the week and I’m done with social media. By doing so, I can focus on the blogs and setting up lead pages. Blogging is for reviews and promoting the product. Be honest and write an article by inserting native links; use images, gifs, and videos. Do not do gaudy or spammy blogs. Ensure you’re providing information in exchange for the link. Keep plugging away. You either get your money from ShareASale Affiliate program or increased traffic to your website that gets you leads. Either way, you’re working toward a goal.

Good Luck to everyone and keep working at it. It eventually pays off!


Stay aware. In 4 years I have made 38$ with 10 of them different banners affiliate placed everywhere in my forums.
It look that they fake the sales.
One time I try to ask some news about it ant them tell me that if I was not happy I could go away.
The site look made by a child, 15 years ago.
Really bad service.
I’m trying now CJ, but they have less affiliates, so I’m testing.

Alvin Leow

Nice CPA, I just started , earning $3.85 . To me is a good start. I use Twitter to promote. Some CPA does not allow social media, but some shareashare merchant allowed.


Jason is absolutely incredible to work with. He is by far the best affiliate manager ever. He is what sets ShareASale apart from the other networks. He goes above and beyond!

Ash is the most ethical, professional, and trustworthy affiliate network in the industry.They have great Customer service from them was prompt and friendly aslo they provide the webinar for Affiliates as well as for Merchants.

I highly recommend ShareASale for both merchants and affiliates.


In my humble and maybe limited opinion Share-A-Sale is one of the best Affiliate Networks on the internet. I have sold stuff from ClickBank in the past, but with CB if you don’t get enough sales with at least 5 different credit cards in the first 3 months of your FIRST sale they start deducting money from your account, and that goes on weekly until your commission is all gone. I have also used Sell Health and their reporting system sucks out loud. (Pardon my French)

ShareASale is the only network I’ve come across that has it all. Prompt payment as long as you reach the payment threshold, great tracking and reporting. Great support, regular webinars that expand on different “functionalities” etc.

I would recommend ShareASale to anyone, newbie and guru alike.


Shareasale is great. It’s free and their customer service is great. I had an issue with my sites incentive status and they helped me clear it up in less than 20 minutes all through email.

Kush A.

ShareASale is a top notch affiliate network. Here is what I like about it as an affiliate program manager:

– Pre-screened quality affiliates that add incremental value
– Ethical service-driven network
– Responsive & helpful support & merchant development teams
– Real time transparent tracking
– The NEW user interface is excellent!
– Ability to upload multiple creatives at a time
– Other nifty merchant tools & time saving features
– Reporting with useful charts, graphs & a bubble plot!
– Actual implementation was rather quick
– No need to sign annual contracts
– Worth noting again: pre-screened & verified quality affiliates.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend ShareASale to both merchants and affiliates.

Erwin Mackintosh

As a new affiliate,on my first visit to the ShareASale Program, I had some hard times understanding the layout of the site, and also with some vocabulary used and I still have. I know that it is just a matter of time. About the concept of the site, I can say that this looks to me fabulous. Like a one stop shop in looking for vendors and also in dealing with payments. It is now premature for me to say about changes I want the site to undergo, I am still in my infancy stage and need to learn from you and from my mistakes. I was thinking in asking about modification in some codes to make things better fitting my site, along with it’s preview module. But all together a great help for affiliate program. Thank you.



I have great experience with SAS. My payouts have been better than any other network I work with (the others are CJ & Linkshare). I agree that the interface is not easy to work with but it is being upgraded.

Mostly, I love them for their customer support and their willingness to work with affiliates to help us grow and increase our earning potential.

Joe Wojciechowski

ShareASale is, without question, the best affiliate network!

With over 3000 merchants to promote, your niche selection is only limited by your imagination.

From an affiliate standpoint the entire team is easily accessible and willing to lend a hand. The network interface may take a little getting used to but they have great features like merchant auto approve, free datafeeds, coupon feeds, make-a-page, widgets, pay-per-call. They take pride in being an adware/parasite free network and have tons of options for reporting and stats too.

I have found the tracking to be spot on and actually love that stats update in REAL-TIME! The support is first class! Brian and the crew are always looking to improve SAS by reaching out to merchants and affiliates alike to make the network better.

For Merchants I believe they offer one of the most cost effective affiliate solutions around, if you are a merchant I would HIGHLY recommend SAS.

In ShareASale I Trust! 🙂


Jason Rubacky just helped me, called me instantly after me sending him an email. Super helpful on email, phone and twitter. Some great tools like deep linking, custom videos and afftrack parameters. Keep up the great work!



Seriously, there are some things I would change about shareasale. The interface actually sux. The navigation is clunky. Too many clicks to just search for stuff. Common get it sorted out, I am certain that I am not the first to complain about this.

Paypal should be an option for payments. This is fast becoming a standard option. For international affiliates this is faster and easy than waiting for a check in the post that is in U.S. dollars and having to wait several weeks for checks to be converted and cleared.

Affiliate managers. Where are the dedicated affiliate managers on sign up? If you don’t think the affiliates are going to worth it to support then don’t sign them up until they can show at least some evidence that your time and support is going to pay you back. CJ sux in this manner too, so it seems to be a CPS network thing. NEWSFLASH: affiliate managers help make your network money! At least the good ones do anyway.

Shareasale is ethical. No BS forced rebill offers. I seriously hate those and actually peeves me off most of the CPA junk that just aims to mislead consumers. So 2 thumbs up for shareasale for keeping their offers 100% reputable and legitimate.

Tracking is supposed to be A+ and so far I think it has been.

Offers – there are tons and tons in any niche you can think of. Just don’t expect to see any Acai, Teeth Whitening, Google Home Biz, IQ Quiz, scammy ripoffs – because there aren’t any. This is the main reason I like shareasale.

Conversion Pixels: Shareasale, you need to give us affiliates the ability to drop our own conversion pixels on the offers we are promoting. This saves time and allows us to get on with our job a lot quicker instead of waiting for lazy merchants to get back to us if ever.


As an affiliate marketer on ShareaSale there are many things I like about their system. My favorite has to be the interface. It’s easy to navigate and for me personally anything else more technical would be frustrating and a waste of resources well spent elsewhere such as promoting more merchants and affiliate marketing education.

The customer service is stellar, at any point someone has a question merchants and the ShareaSale staff are just a click away – rare and very much appreciated in this day and age.

If I could make a couple of wishes it would be to have payout via my PayPal account and an easier way to identify merchants that are no longer participating in the program.

I’m hanging in there and recommend ShareaSale without hesitation.

Sarah Bundy

I’ve been working with ShareASale for just under two years now and have had extremely positive experiences with their team.

We have launched several programs in their network and we find the experience of managing these programs come with an always responsive, available and courteous response team. There are few other networks in the industry that I could honestly call friends.

Jeremy Palmer

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences working with SAS. They are one of the most transparent and ethical affiliate networks I’ve ever worked with.

Matt McWilliams

SAS is without a doubt the most ethical network, but also the most innovative.

The three things I REALLY enjoy about them are that while they are innovating and coming up with new ideas all of the time, they are still looking to improve, they are easy to work with (even for a total IT doofus like me), and their support is amazing.


Shareasale is a great affiliate network and a must for affiliates to join and get active with. I would put them as the #2 affiliate network behind CJ. Great customer service, great affiliate base and good merchants to choose from. I always recommend companies to join Shareasale as part of a good affiliate strategy.

Quy Le

SAS without question is great! Customer service from them was prompt and friendly.

I find the interface a little less clean than some other networks, but it’s still pretty easy to navigate, and it gets the job done. If you want to working with the best up and coming aff. network, SAS is the way the go, hands down!

Kevin Strawbridge

Having the rare and separate experiences of being both a retailer on the ShareaSale network and an affiliate working with many retailers on the network, I have pretty much seen all that SaS has to offer. From the professional and diligent support of people like Carolyn Tang and Brian Littleton to the ease of use in managing the programs, ShareaSale is the total package. In addition, because SaS is so cost effective, it is a program that really benefits the overall business. Whenever I have the chance, I recommend SaS to both affiliates and merchants alike.

Chris Sanderson

We have worked with Shareasale for around 5 years now, right from when it was a “small” netwotrk through to now when it is one of the most popular networks.

Shareasale support is without question the best around. The team are highly responsive to requests, happy to make custom changes where possible and generally fast to get back to us when we need them.

Reporting has improved in leaps and bounds over the years, I’m very much a LinkShare reporting fan, so in comparison to the depth of data that is available there, Shareasale has some catching up to do, but in terms of speed to change, add new features, custom tools and the like, there are few networks that can match Shareasale.

Ethics wise Shareasale has always led the way to protect both merchants and affiliates from unethical marketeers. It is an uphill battle but it is one that Shareasale is constantly active in.

Due to the pricing Shareasale does attract a lot of “hopeful” merchants who want to throw up a program and see what happens. This can be a little frustrating for affiliates as it means some of the programs are not managed or well set up, however that’s hardly a fault of the Shareasale team

Overall I highly recommend Shareasale as a great network for both merchants and affiliates

Michael Coley is the most ethical, professional, and trustworthy affiliate network in the industry. Many of their merchants are small, inexperienced merchants with very little potential, but they have some real gems as well. Their PowerRank rating is an easy way to find some of the best merchants.

I’ve been to all three ShareASale Think Tank conventions, and Brian and his team have proven time and time again that they are dedicated to making affiliate marketing a level playing field. In every decision they make, they consider the small affiliates and small merchants.

They are extremely agile, as evidenced by their “Month of the Interface” where they introduced a new feature to their site every weekday for a month.

I highly recommend ShareASale for both merchants and affiliates.

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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