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MoreNiche is a well-established network that has some excellent products and places lifetime cookies on your visitor's device. With many offers in the health nice you can expect high-percentage commission rates.

The best thing about the company is that it's as much a community as an affiliate network. The forum is very active. The workers at the company will gladly help you out via the forum and private contact (it's in their interest at the end of the day), the support is regarded as some of the best in the industry.

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They also provide lots of free web design templates, articles, banners, images and other resources you can use. Products are available in lots of different currencies making it ideal to promote to multiple regions at once.

Example products can you try and make sales of:
  • Proactol
  • Zotrim
  • Slimming
  • Lipobind
  • TavaTea
  • Smile4You
MoreNiche use tracking software called CAKE, as well as their own in-house tracking system.

They make payouts twice a month, via various payment methods. They are very reliable at getting the money to you. They also publish nice tables so you can see how you are performing compared to other affiliates.

They're well known for their transparency and focus on ethics, having things like the video and allowing affiliates to arrange to meet them makes them stand-out amongst the crowd. All members also have to place an affiliate disclosure badge where they promote the program which shows trustworthiness. You can also see rankings of top members who have made the most daily and weekly sales, that's much better then testimonials, actual sales figures are the ultimate success stories for those joining and hoping to make it into the charts of top sellers.

Network Details

Review Of MoreNiche Service Data
Minimum Payout: $100, $50, €100
Payment Methods: , , , , ,
Payment Frequency:Every 2 Weeks
Currencies: EUR, GBP, USD
Commission Types: ,
Tracking Software:CAKE & in-house tracking system.
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website:

Preview of MoreNiche‘s Website


Their domain was registered in January 2006 and the company has been active under that name since then. Before that it went by the name of MensNiche.

If you use social media you can also follow them on all mainstream social networks. Search for them and you'll find them, their Twitter handle is @MoreNiche and their YouTube username is "MoreNicheVideos". You'll also find them on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

On their contact page, they've got the option to speak to them by phone or email in case you need to ask any questions before registering.

The company are based in the United Kingdom. Their registered UK company number is 6260846. Their publicly listed business address is:
MoreNiche Limited
Digital House, Clarendon Park

How To Join

  1. Visit The Network

  2. Read more information to check you definitely want to join the program.
  3. Click the orange 'Join MoreNiche Now' button.
  4. Fill in the three step form.
  5. Once completed you'll have joined their community.

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great offers with high commission rates.
more niche also provide academy where complete beginners can learn everything they need to know about affiliate marketing.
Fast and responsive technical support team with even personal mentor to guide affiliates anytime they needed help.
Like my mentor Alessio Di Cienzo he helped me even in choosing my domain name, writing my contents on my blog page, also in the designing my brand logo. He replies really fast to my mails.
I. Highly recommend more niche.

Craig M

I started running this teams offers almost 20 years ago. Very well respected company in the industry with great offers and amazing customer support! Hopefully they will be around another 20 years. Payments always on time. They always go the extra mile!


Best affiliate network ,they use the best tracking technology so you never miss a sale . I can confidentiality admit that there are really few affiliate network who track like moreniche .

Product convert really good . If you sell product like weight lose in other network pause the campaign ,Test moreniche product and You will see how big it’s the difference. im 100 % sure moreniche product convert 20% Better min .
You can ask how is possible?

Tracking system is better and product are better , When this 2 factor come together you have high conversion rate of sale .

I’m with moreniche for 8 years now . I never ever had problem with payment never ,I allway got my payment on time .


I’ve been working with MoreNiche for too long. I’ve learnt a lot of new things from their free and high-quality training. The support is great, and my affiliate mentor Karla Villegas is very friendly and helpful. She always responds to my emails and gives me some valuable suggestions to improve my websites and be more successful.

I’ve made many sales from different products. The commission rates are very high and they always pay me on time.

I really enjoy working with MoreNiche. It’s a very good choice for anyone serious about affiliate marketing and making money online.

philip chukwuemeka

MoreNiche is so helpful and provides the best of support, I feel at home with moreniche.


just joined,and am scared at the reviews am seeing here i thing this is a template for for adequte review….its discouraging to be hearing that you will work and you will not get value for it.


I joined Moreniche this year, 2018. One thing that made me more convinced about was a call I received from them. Not only that, I was given a great Mentor, who was always there to support me whenever I needed help.

Seriously am having a great time in Moreniche, and their academy is free and great. Join Moreniche and see how they will carry you gradually to your success.


This one of the best network I have worked with.
I was creating sites for many other network product but the problem with them was that after a few months they discontinued the offer and my whole site has gone useless.

I have to spend a lot on the content of niche sites and suddenly the network discontinue the offer and I have lost my investment.

The Moreniche is totally different. The Sizegenetics offer is on the network past many years and I am having a niche site for it.

Moreniche is providing 50% of the commission to most of their offers. They are having the best tracking system. I love their tracking system.

They are also providing free training for email marketing, SEO, PPC marketing and many more. Which I have enrolled and learned. You only not earn but also learn affiliate marketing with Moreniche.

The best thing the best I like they are having dynamic methods of payment. In my country, Paypal is not working but guess what Moreniche is paying me through Payoneer. Which I love.

I highly recommend this network for everyone affiliate marketer especially for those who like to create niche sites because I am also a Niche site creation Geek.

houssam saadi

I have been with MoreNiche since I started affiliate marketing on the Web. This is about 1 years now. They pay me every 2 weeks like clockwork. They have great exclusive products and really good support. Sandis is a great guy who provides you with everything you need to make money. I love MoreNiche and I highly recommend them.


The first I have made with moreniche was a $25. Then the rollover continued till date. I am promoting their products since 2012. I work with only 2-3 products of them and its working well for me.

If you are able to send good traffic to their offer page, you will definitely get good sales as their tracking service is real good.

The products I am promoting are giving good conversion rates. Its about 2-3% conversion.

The support team is also good and very responsive.

Ismail khan

I am working with moreniche since 2014, They have pretty good service, and the affiliate network manager is pretty helpful and my affiliate Manager KARLA VILLEGAS is excellent and helpful manager ever seen. Products convert very well


I’ve been a member at MoreNiche since 2011. I managed to make some sales and earn some commission during the earlier days where I’ve been publishing content on my site on a regular basis.

But my other workload caught up with me and so could not update my affiliate site regularly. It’s been years since I’ve made the last update.

Nevertheless, once in a blue moon, I do make some sales which is kinda amazing!

I’ll be going into full force once again and hope to explode MoreNiche money bank in paying my commissions!



One of the best affiliate networks out there! Payments are always on time, the support is great, and they offer free training and have a bunch of SEO tools that affiliates could use for free through their mentor!

Bukunmi Adewumi

Following my previous review here about MoreNiche,

I received a bank alert directly into my bank account in Nigeria. Yes, the alert was from MoreNiche. They paid me.

MoreNiche actually sent my first payment on the 14th (not 15th) of June 2018 which was on Thursday. The following Friday and Monday were Muslim’s public holiday so no bank transaction could take place until the next business day (Tuesday 19th of June 2018) when I got the alert and was happy at exactly 4:07pm.

Yes, MoreNiche is super fast in Payment processing. No doubt.

Bukunmi Adewumi

I have been with MoreNiche since around August 2017. I never believe so much in affiliate marketing when it comes to making money blogging. Why? I have tried Linkshare affiliate network, and even some CPAs but never made a penny. Maybe this was due to the fact that I didn’t align my blog contents with the affiliate products well enough or some unknown factors, I can’t really say. I didn’t put Moreniche on the site because Adsense was all over there and no space for Moreniche. Big Foul.

I used to monetize my site primarily with Adsense for quite some time and got paid as well. However, I soon got dissatisfied with them due to low ad fill rate. Yes, a lot of blank ads on my blog and never had the budget to invest in an ad manager’s service like Ezoic whatever bullshit.

So in March 2018, I decided to remove all Adsense and replaced them with makes sense and generates good amount of passive income, if you have good Traffic. But be sure to place their ads in less visible areas like comments and down the end sidebars in your blog because they don’t pay per the first click but the second one which is not really easy get. Their earnings are based on view, mostly. Trust me.

Interestingly, I put Moreniche links in visible areas and within blog articles in the same March 2018. Since my articles tend towards the same niche and theme, I am less interested in writing reviews. Why? Reviews are time-consuming, so I rather place my promotion links automatically below and above content areas, with enticing lead capture.

Guess what? I made my first sale $39. Though this is not huge but I was happy. Not more than the next three days, I made two other sales like magic. So in May, I reached over the minimum threshold.

These experience was on little traffic, 50 to 100 visits per day.

I promote products that have a huge 40% commission. Imagine you sell a product worth $100, that’s a whooping $40 at once. Imagine further that you sell 50 items of the same product. That’s $2000.

One more thing, MoreNiche pay you twice per month. Yes, every two weeks. Isn’t this motivating?

Support? Yes, through my friendly affiliate manager.

Will I still be with MoreNiche in more than the next 20 years? Sure. Why? If they continue to be affiliate-concerned and treat me like a real money-making machine as they do.

Real bloggers and digital marketers know which products to promote based on their niche and conversion rate.

At the end, what really matters is your ability to convert clicks into actual sales.

Looking to make at least $10,000 bi-weekly, which I believe would be possible with some 20,000 visitors per day to my site. No doubt.


i have hindi home rmeedies blog. and i am using 2-3 diff. afifliates and not making a single penny from them, but after reading this i will do some changes in my affiliates so that i can make some money from affiliates.


vikas gupta

i am new with them but heard a lot about them.

average 3-5 clicks per day but no purchase. never mind, i am sure soon i will make some good money from them 🙂

Paul W,

I’ve been with moreniche for several years and they never missed a payment. sales are slow to come by but at least they are honest when there is a referral.

basil Ita

Great, I just signed up and everything is looking good so far. A friend of mine made some $$$ last night just like play.


Been with MoreNiche for over 5 years and the only time they’ve ever missed a payment was when they migrated to a new system and the old payment data did not transfer. I was able to contact someone via live chat even over the weekend, and they had it resolved for me within 48 hours. I’ve been an AM for over 10 years and many programs come and go, MoreNiche is one of the few programs that I still actively promote.


This is in regards to Adam Cristian’s post.

I’ve been with Moreniche for over 5 years and beside that they’re one of the best affiliate networks out there (great offers, amazing affiliate support, top notch tracking) they also go the extra mile to insure that you get your money on time – every time.

Adam Cristian

@Adam Cristian: After chatting with them for some days the problem was fixed. They finally send me the money, also they want to help me to increase the conversion rate. I don’t not know what to say about them now. Something is telling me to quit and something is telling me to go further and work with them. I will think about it


@Adam Cristian, your negative comment is funny. Does not pay? Seriously? I had been with MoreNiche for years, they were never late with a payment.

I do not want to compare them with other affiliate programs. But as far as I know, every MoreNiche affiliate manager is always friendly and responded well. Want a prof? Join today, contact any affiliate manager and see how it is going…

@Bruce Ha ha ha. I had to laugh when I saw your comment. Andrew Slack was a MoreNiche affiliate manager??? Check again! Or contact him… I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy to answer your question.


Been with MoreNiche for 3-4 years, made my first ever affiliate sale through them, and now living full-time affiliate life thanks to MoreNiche and it’s products.
Getting paid on time twice a month is great (actually, I think twice in 3 years their payments have been about 24h late), support from the affiliate managers is very good too.
Can thoroughly recommend this network, just as I have recommended them to my friends (both affiliates and business owners who are looking into advertising their products on affiliate networks).


Lol….. what the hell is this cr*p… I work with MoreNiche for a few years now and they never missed a payment. Great support, great team, great brands, great everything… everyone who says otherwise has clearly never invested any time working with them….

Hands down MoreNiche is the best affiliate network Worldwide.

Klein H.

I’ve been working with Moreniche for counting years, and I remember the old times when it was called Mensniche.
Since then, I sticked with them because they are good at what they do. I think I’ve had in something like 10 years maybe one problem with payments, due to paypal, and it was quickly solved.

So, if you want to put in the effort, they will help you make the extra cash you need.

Adam Cristian

Moreniche iT DOESN’T pay his affiliates, they invoke all kind of problems until they start to ignore you. I did reach the minimum payout , past more 45 days(including the 30 days when your money are blocked) and still no money.Is true that you will have a good conversion rate this platform but YOU WILL NOT GET PAID. MOVE A LONG AND CHOOSE A SERIOUS PLATFORM LIKE PEERFLY , CJ Affiliate or ShareASale


Ha ha ha. I had to laugh when I saw some of the names of the commenters here. Andrew Slack at the bottom was a MoreNiche affiliate manager.

Anyway, don’t waste your time.

I’ve been with MoreNiche, ImpactFive, and PayDot the three brands in the Twist360 affiliate network since 2009. I’ve made a fair amount of money in that time. But what they do is play the shell game with their products, switching them from one brand to another and erasing your customers.

They did it two years ago with SizeGenetics and a couple other items. Now MoreNiche just did it again last month, again SizeGenetics and the same items as before. The average time between first click and sale on those big commission sales is 180 days. There goes 6 months of commissions, because MoreNiche doesn’t honor “lifetime cookies” when they switch between brands.

Other companies I work with, like SellHealth, they don’t play games like this with their affiliates. I don’t recommend this program at all.

Ajay Goel

Wow!! I just joined it today, and copy pasted links from moreniche on my website, and felt great, reading these reviews here is making me feel proud of my choice, have a nice day everyone!!


Possibly the best affiliate network. Great support, payments on time.


You cant please all people at all times…. in reply to unhappymorenicheuser …. so what if your account has not been deleted and so what if you get news emails generated from the system. You’re in affiliate marketing old son….. you should not be a stranger to the odd bit of “spam”.

If you find it offensive, an annoyance or an invasion of whatever kind then a delicate soul such as yourself should be as far away from internet marketing as possible.

“or show you’re smarter than them in any way.” <<<<< I seriously doubt this has happened to you.

As for the old and shitty products ….. do you mean high converting???

I personally wish MN would close their doors and not let any new users in!!!!


I am a Super Affiliate with the network and I can say for certain this is one of the best health affiliate programs out there!!!!


I am a frequent top 10 earner with the network and I can say for certain this is one of the best health affiliate programs out there.


This is one of the top notch affilaite networks you can work with period.Trust me I have seen em all in my short three years IM career.While big networks like CJ are trustworthy they are not very well placed to support affiliates on individual basis.So smaller networks like moreniche take advantage of their size and work exceedingly well to create one of the most transparent affiliate marketing platform.

Moreniche = Money on the table….!


Dabbled with a bit of affiliate marketing few years ago but was a complete failure – didn’t earn a penny! Having since joined Moreniche around 2 years ago I regular earn enough money to be full time (soon will be!).
The fact is the support you get from this network is way and above all the others (even put together!). You can contact affiliate managers usually within minutes via skype and discuss your questions.
I have visited their offices on a number of occasions due to their “open door policy”. They are down to earth and happy to help where they can.
Surely this is the benchmark on a good network?
I would thoroughly recommend using MoreNiche as your #1 network.

PS. I don’t work for them and do not get commission for this review 🙂

Christmas Gifts

As far as Health CPA affiliate networks are concerned More Niche is a good one. They have good products, do regular offline/Press PR, above average designed merchant sites, and an active forum.

Some issues a new affiliate marketer may face while working with More Niche – their customer base is primarily in the United Kingdom – it can be a hindrance if most of your site traffic comes from the US. While the forum is pretty active its usually the More Niche employees beating their own drums – about press PR, discount coupons, free templates with footer links to the merchant sites, etc.

Extracting a reply from the affiliate managers can be a tough task if u want advise on formulating a strategy to promote their products. Plus they don’t seem to have any well formulated policy on brand names in affiliate sites. The SMS alerts for sales don’t always work.

I never faced any payment issues with the network and would recommend it to affiliates who want to promote Health CPA offers to internet audience in the United Kingdom.

Overall 6/10

Big Rob

I’ve been in affiliate marketing for over 5 years and promoted over 50 affiliate programs. In all that time I can honestly say that they are the best affiliate program out there. They convert well, they pay on time, they’re ethical, honest and their support is amazing.

I highly recommend them.

If you’re a complete newbie I would suggest promoting their less competitive products. Diet pills are a tough market to get into.

I need a nap

Ive been a member of Moreniche for nearly two years now and can honestly say if you can’t make money with these guys, you can’t make money anywhere.

Of course I am slightly bias, afterall I’m constantly in the top 10 earners every week, made over 20k in just 3 days back in June, and have earned enough to go VAT registered during the last 10 months.

In fact, yeah don’t bother joining, less competition for me. 🙂

Baby Boomers

We signed up with MN back in March 2010 and published our site in April. Since then we have had 3 sales but have had to change our website to WordPress and it’s been a very big learning curve.

Without the help of our AM, Andy and the Forum, we would have been completely stuck. Our aim is to be on the Super Affiliate seats at the next Gathering and can’t thank them enough for all their help.

You can’t please all the people all the time but our experience has been very very positive.

Darren Beale

We design and develop websites for many marketplaces and we actively push merchants towards MoreNiche because of the quality of the support, the resources and the affiliate managers.

The one negative comment here is justified in regards to the fact you should be able to close the account! I am sure MN will do this.

One of the best networks out there and ultimately the best online when it comes to active support and updates. Can anyone name a better network???

Pedro Maia

I have joined MoreNiche in November 2007 and have been since working with them.

Affiliate managers hang with us on the forums and are always available for a chat to help us ranking/convert better.

Free merchandising (wp templates, banners, real before/after, cta, real product images, so on, so on…), great advice and A LOT of good will and free spirit.

Frank Smithson

I have been with More Niche for just 3 months and I am just a newbie.

I have been very impressed with the support I get from the affiliate managers, Vairo is amazing!! Also there are so many free video tutorials and ebooks, I have not even read 20% of what I get for FREE!!

Not sure how I found them, but glad I did!! Great Program!


I have been with More Niche for a couple of years now and have also been involved with quite a few other affiliate programs as well. In my opinion none of them come even close to More Niche.
The tracking is incredible and reporting great. Affiliate managers are helpful and easy to get in touch with.
More Niche is the program that I consistently make the most money with online. Well done More Niche.


Been a member of MoreNiche for three years but never really took it seriously til the beginning of 2010.

With the help and support of the affiliate managers I have been seeing consistently better results each and every month.

Some of the products I am promoting are converting at less than 1/10 so you can’t argue with that.

For someone with very little marketing experience to be getting these results imagine if you had a background in affiliate marketing.


I have been with Moreniche since 2006 and can honestly say that it is by far the best network I have worked with.

I love the mixitrack system (tracks sales by IP, sessions, browser, and some others as well as cookies) especially as I have asked other networks to implement more than just cookie tracking and they have told me its not possible…to which I always direct them to MN.

The products on MN tend to convert very well, my best is 1/11 on UniqueHoodia with an average commission of around $35 per sale. However I know some people achieve even better then that.

Affiliate managers are very helpful and usually quite responsive to requests, however sometimes response can be a little slow (probably because they give such good support everyone is contacting them!) so would be good if they could get some more aff managers on board – which I think they are trying to do.

Overall they are probably the best network for a newbie to start with just because the support is so good but they are also a great choice for experienced affiliates due to the good conversions and high payouts.

I can kind of see the point ‘UnhappyMorenichUser’ is making but is it really that big a deal? Sounds more like a keyboard warrior intent on causing a scene to me. Besides which MN have said they are now implementing a removal function based on his feedback so his comments will become obsolete anyway.


Worst network out there.

A bunch of newbs recruiting a bunch of newbs to their downline, offers are shitty and old with their first batch of seniors banking ‘ok’ and the rest chasing nickels/dimes.

AM’s are absolutely retarded, and if you question anything on their forum or show you’re smarter than them in any way they screen and edit your forum posts, or delete whole threads.

WORST part – you unsubscribe from their offers/from all contact/and from their base, and you CANNOT! Here’s a full back/forth from me to them regarding their honeypot and spam operation:


Thank you for contacting me with your enquiry.

I am sorry to hear that you wish to close your MoreNiche account.

I can advise that we do not have the facility to permanently close your account, however, you can unsubscribe from all email lists by going to:

{**I did this, and checked again, nothing was selected, still getting your emails, and still a member**}

I can also confirm that your account will be set to inactive if you do not login after 12 months.

(**I didn’t login for well over a year, still got email, only logged in so I could fully cancel/leave, which I cannot?!**)

I hope that this information has been helpful.


I’m sorry however that is not satisfactory.

1. I have all notifications turned off, and still get emails from you guys, STOP.

2. It is illegal for you to force me to stay and or keep my info on your site if I request to leave, and have my nickname/account/forum info etc permanently removed. I can advise that you are being formally requested to remove me from from your database, period. You can do so manually if you wish, however if you did not build in a tool to do this, it is looking like it’s by design so you can in fact pull the ‘we can’t do that’ card at your leisure – my friend you WILL remove me from your operation and or you will suffer consequences.

Again, I am asking to be removed from your operation however you have to do that, and again I am asking that you no longer email me ever again from MoreNiche regarding any topic, promo, announcement, notification etc.

I will not be waiting around for 12 months to become inactive again or logging in by accident again to re-enable it. I was gone for a good few years already before logging in to do this ticket, now I’m active for 12 more months? Scammy sneaky process, noted as well. This is also being emailed to various spam houses and quality control operations to ensure that you are indeed practicing legal and safe profiling operations, and removing participants that no longer wish to remain members on request – not by expiry or forced TOS or sneaky retention campaigns, case in point.

I am going to verify with all parties whether or not you have complied with my formal, legal, and just request today, for the second time. Advise and govern yourself accordingly.
Have a great day,


Thank You for your enquiry.

I am sorry that you are experiencing technical difficulties in regards to stopping e-mail notifications.

I can confirm I have passed your enquiry over to our technical team who will investigate accordingly.

We will contact you with more information shortly.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

^ Bunch of bull**it and complete runaround, to this day I still get moreniche emails despite having filtered everything and personally requesting to be removed from the network. What network has the right to say “There is no way to remove you, we can’t stop ‘all’ emails” – most networks ban people for the smallest instance, these guys take a beating, and just keep spamming their penis offers with no care for their userbase.

They also allow their AM’s to work on their own campaigns conflict free. Great, so I come on board, find a ton of great traffic sources and it’s OK for my AM to interrogate me for ‘quality control’, then take my data and oust me for their own benefit.


I bet you 100% the previous two reviews are either faked, it’s their internal staff, or it’s newbs that just love the creatives and haven’t been through the rings of AM’ing yet.

Do a search online and in forums and look for more reviews from real marketers you’ll see through the filters and PR they have set for themselves.

.02 thank you.

Andrew Slack

I recommend MoreNiche 1000%, great support, always pay on-time and lots of helpful affiliate managers!

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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