Find Programs By Filter

Filter company listingsThe best way to find networks and programs is normally by using the sectors page. That way you can pick the sector you operate in and avoid missing out on any potential gems. But there is another way, you can also use filters too.

This tool lets you narrow things down by using a set of filters. It can be a great way to quickly pinpoint companies suitable if you have very specific needs.

Filter By Payment Type

Show all programs that pay by:

Filter By Commission Type

Show all programs that use the commission structure:


Select your options and click submit:

How This Works

Each listing has data attributed to it. Select the filters you want and then click submit. It will hunt through the database and return the results for you. For example, When using multi-filter, if you select ‘Paypal’ for ‘Payment Type’, and ‘Weight Loss’ for ‘Niches’, and ‘CPA’ for the ‘Commission Types’ field you will see results for HealthTrader and CpaBestOffer.

Tips For Usage

We recommend you only pick an option for one or two fields at a time when using the multi-filter. If you enter something into all 3 fields there’s a high risk you won’t return any results. The reason is that picking an exact payment type, an exact commission type and exact niche is very specific. Probability dictates it’s unlikely there will be many times that a program meets your exact specification. That’s especially true if use a less common payment option. Ones like Paypal are very common, but others are a lot less common. Please be aware of these limitations while using this tool.


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