Last updated: February 16, 2021.

Clickworker is a crowd-working website where you can earn money by doing quick and easy small tasks. Here’s a real users review.

My experience and income

I use Clickworker to earn a bit of extra money each month alongside my income as a web developer and freelancer. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d be doing as a Clickworker but quickly realised the jobs are fairly easy. They are things like rating web search results, specifying if an article is on a certain topic, categorizing clothes, doing audio tests and lots of other little jobs.

For each one you read a guideline of how it works, normally you pass a short qualification test to check you have read the guidelines and then you can begin earning.

How much money can you earn?

It may a be an obvious answer, but it’s mainly up to you. Make the effort and you will make a lot more profit than someone who doesn’t make the effort. Your computer will play a part; use a slow old laptop and you will earn less than a quicker laptop or PC. One limiter on your earnings is how much work is available, it can be seasonal too, this means some times of the year you will earn a lot more than others, that’s fine you just need to be aware of that.

As an affiliate you can also refer new members and get paid for it. Each person you refer earns you 5 Euros, but only once they’ve earnt a minimum of 10 Euros. To put that in perspective though when I joined there was a job that paid 0.12 Euros per task. Meaning I earnt 15 Euros within a couple of hours. That shows you can get your commission quickly.

Complete all assessments when you first join, this will mean the most amount of jobs are available to you. Maximum earning potential is ensured by doing this. You can also get your commission quicker by telling others to do the same when you refer them. This brings me nicely on to some tips and advice.

Tips to maximise your earnings

  • First off; take your time! It cost me money because I didn’t. You have to complete a ‘qualification’ for each task to be able to start doing them. You want to earn money using this website for months or even years, don’t shoot yourself in the foot on the first day by rushing! Read the instructions and consume all the information before doing the qualification. I was impatient which lead to failures. If you fail a qualification 3 times then tough, you can’t do that task.
  • Do your assessments. In order to pick the best ones you need access to as many jobs as possible. Complete all your assessments, take your time and make sure you pass them. This may seem annoying because you want to earn straight away, but put the effort in to give yourself a good start.
  • UHRS is where most the money is. Once your assessments are done you will get access to an area called UHRS. That’s where most the jobs are, and the best ones normally. Take full advantage of this area by making a big effort to pass different task qualifications.
  • Quality really matters. You are getting paid real money for your work, this obviously means the providers do strong checks. Once you have passed your qualifications don’t then think you can go nuts and try and make $50 per hour, you won’t. In your UHRS reports section you can see a SPAM score, always review after each session of working how you’ve done. You will earn more the better you perform. If the SPAM score drops too low you will be banned from a task and that will cost you lost revenue. Good workers are also eligible to receive a bonus.
  • Be smart. Rush your assessments and you won’t get access to many jobs. If you rush your qualifications for tasks you won’t get many tasks. And if you rush too much during tasks you will get banned. Use your head! Take your time and always be thinking clearly. Work efficiently as well. I set myself a schedule EG login at 4pm and work until 5pm. At the end of the hour I wait for the report to update and see how much I’ve earnt. Be strict and you save messing around and avoid distractions.
  • Use the forum. You can get excellent help in the forum, I quickly browse it once a week to see topics of discussion. If you get stuck or have a question always ask in the forum before emailing support, often in the forum you will get very quick answers.

Update: they also now have an Android app, install that on your phone for even more opportunities. You can read about the app here.

Here’s a screenshot of my most recent payment (at the time of writing this) paid directly in to my Paypal.
Proof of payment

In your account you can see your balance in the top right corner, now that I’ve been working a bit each week you can see my balance (see photo below) has built up and I look forward to payments of around $20-$50 Euros per week depending on how much time I put in, which is a worthwhile return for the effort I put in.
Account balance

As mentioned above; if you need help you can use the forum to chat to other members. It’s a good way to be involved with the community. It is also a place to ask for help, I have used it a couple of times and got helpful responses from other members.

If you prefer to contact support directly you can. I had a problem during one of my assessments so I sent them an email. I got a reply quickly that was courteous and solved the problem. That’s my only experience with support but it was very positive.

I am in the United Kingdom and had no problem with the service. The main Clickworker website uses the Euros currency and the UHRS section is in American Dollars. I convert the currency in to British Sterling once they pay me. Whether you are in America, Australia, India, Europe, Canada or somewhere else you should have no problems, what matters is a verified Paypal account and good English grammar.

What are the cons?

You’ve heard all the good stuff but how about the bad things?

To use the UHRS system you need Internet Explorer which is a bit annoying but not the end of the world. Once you’ve installed it and got used to logging in then it is no longer a problem.

I’m yet to experience a full-year using the website but from my research others in the community say earnings can be seasonal. This is not a problem in the bigger picture because it all averages out, just be aware of that fact and don’t get frustrated when few well paid jobs are available during the quiet times.

Another negative thing is if your English grammar is not very good you may struggle to pass the assessment tests. It’s important they do this so it’s not really a con. Scrub up on your English and come back if you fail first time because long-term it will earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the months and years using the website.

Concluding thoughts

“Is Clickworker worth it?” I guess that’s the ultimate question! For me yes working as a Clickworker is without a doubt worth it. I enjoy doing the jobs, the money’s worthwhile and it’s an excellent way to diversify income.

I also think it is a far better way of making extra money online compared to filling in tacky surveys or trying to win in competitions you have to sell your details for. They are not very nice websites, spending time doing this sort of thing is much more profitable and rewarding!

This ended up turning in to a marathon of a review but thank you for getting so far! Any questions or help you can always contact me and I will help out.

Review by Affpinions.