FAQs For Those New To Affiliation

If you’re fairly new to the affiliate marketing industry, or just looking to refresh your memory, these questions and answers may help.

What’s the difference between a network and a program?
Generally speaking an affiliate network is a website you can join and as a member you’ll be able to promote lots of different companies. In contrast a program is normally just one company. Some companies choose to run their own in-house affiliate program rather than being part of a big network such as ShareASale or CJ.

Is it possible to promote any type of product as an affiliate?
For the majority of product types you should be able to find an affiliate program to join in order to promote what you want to. However, there are such a huge amount of different products in the modern world that realistically you’ll always find gaps. If you do find products and can’t find a single company that will pay you commission to promote it, then you can still explore other options, such as generating revenue from ads, on content about the product. It is unlikely to be as profitable though.

Can I trust all the affiliate reviews posted online?
No, is the short answer. In the same way you can’t trust all the product reviews on Amazon. At Affpinions everything is monitored and we do our best to look carefully for tell tail signs before publishing any comment or review. However some reviews may not be fully trustworthy. For this reason we also encourage you to get involved and submit feedback on any company you have experience of, this will help us combat those playing the system. You can also try other sites in the industry like Affpaying to see what people say there.

How easy is signing up to programs?
Generally it’s quite a simple process to apply. Some will automatically accept everybody meaning you can get up and running instantly. Others have minimum requirements, such as traffic levels, before accepting you. Going to affiliate summits, presentations and events will also help build your relationship with the companies. Always take your time during any application so you don’t make a mistake.

When I join a network is my account immediately active?
Some have automatic acceptance, others will have to review your application. They may decide whether to accept or reject your membership based on what methods you plan to use to promote their products and how much traffic you have. You will nearly always need to at least confirm your email address.

Will affiliate marketing die? Am I too late to start in the industry now?
No and no. The business model is fundamentally sound. Companies need to sell their products and services, affiliation gives them one way to do that.

Inevitably there will always be changes in the industry, such as networks closing down and new ones opening.

There is no evidence affiliate marketing will die. In fact, don’t just take our word for it, there’s expectations for it to grow (depending on the impact of a severe recession caused by Coronavirus of course!). According to this data by Statista the amount spent on marketing using the affiliate marketing industry is expected to keep growing and reach over 8 billion US dollars by 2022. Plus according to Google Trends the interest over time hasn’t been reducing, in fact if you look at these stats you’ll see over the last five years the chart has gone up. All this means you can have confidence to invest in it. It’s now a robust and well-established industry.

Is affiliate marketing passive income?
For a lot of people it isn’t, but for others it is. It partly depends on methods you use to promote your affiliate links. For those who use social media it was almost certainly never be passive income. But for those who create content online such as YouTube videos or articles, it can become passive income for a period of time.

For example, imagine you record a video reviewing a product and upload it to YouTube. In the video description you put an affiliate link. From the date it’s posted you don’t then do anything at all to the video or do any marketing for it. However, it keeps coming up in YouTube search results and in peoples recommended related videos and keeps getting views. Some viewers see the description and you get clicks to your links and maybe some conversions. That could keep happening for years if the video stays relevant and you’ve done absolutely no extra work, that’s nice passive income!