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Decent sized network with lots of companies you can promote. Commission rate varies between the different programs. Lots of niches covered for you to choose from.

Now have the choice for affiliates of currency: USD, GBP or EUR.

Payments made to you approximately 15-25 days after the end of the month. Offer good communication to members, which includes having a ‘Communication Centre’ where you can read network news, merchant news etc.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback, honest positive and negative welcome.

Alternative websites like this

*All information on this page correct to best of Affpinions knowledge at time of posting, always check network for latest details.

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I’ve used AffiliateFuture for years and years, they were possibly the first ever network I’ve joined. I find the website a tad clunky to use but their tracking always seems reliable and I’ve never had any issue with receiving payouts. The choice of companies to promote is not bad but there could be more.

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