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  • Dedicated AIM/Email/Phone Support
  • Fortune 1000 Advertisers
  • On-Time Payments
  • Accurate Real Time Reporting and Tracking
  • Wide Selection of Offers
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Highest Payout Guarantee

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3 Affiliate Reviews of “RevBoost”

RevBoost reviewed by Jason in February 2009

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my experience is similar to that of “MacroBucks” above: I only managed to LOSE money on this affilaite, after constantly having credits revoked, due to advertisers reversing leads network-wide due to RevenueBoost’s poor overall lead quality (most likely a result of accepting sketchy publishers).

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RevBoost reviewed by MacroBucks in January 2009

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First, let me give you a background of myself. I am the owner of MacroBucks.com. I’ve been in the incentive industry since February 2009 and have shipped over $600,000 to our loyal users. I’ve dealt with easily 50 affiliate networks and know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. RevenueBoost started off as a good experience, but quickly deteriorated due to the non-payment issue.

Let me start with the fact that RevenueBoost only paid me $1,800 of my October 2008 commission and avoided the other $2,000. I contacted him as to why this happened and he told me it was a glitch in his RevNet script. I spoke to another RevNet affiliate who stated that there is no such glitch and i’m being given the run around clearly. After trying to get my payment for a month and being told I was going to get it on December 17th, I STILL don’t have it.

He’s been constantly ignoring me – and it’s blatantly obvious. I can’t reach him, period. He said he “overnighted” me my check on Monday. Yeah right. It’s now Friday with no check in hand. Mind you, he now owes me almost $4,000 without pay with most of the leads dating back to October 2008. And what I didn’t understand was the fact that another site owner got paid via PayPal for November leads, yet I wasn’t paid properly considering i’m suppose to be paid to my PayPal as always.

I’d be careful with using his affiliate services due to serious customer service issues and non-payment. I tried contacting him through all available communication and was avoided.
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RevBoost reviewed by Dustin in October 2008

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I have been with them for about a month now. Great support, highest payouts, low minimums and they offer incentive on 95% of their offers. I have never been paid out by them yet so I’ll leave that part open for now.

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