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Motive are focused on the mobile sector and are ideal for app developers and publishers.

What the company says about itself: Our user-friendly platform, higher payouts and diversity of offers ensures that publishers generate maximum revenues from their advertising inventories.

Dramatically increase your revenue opportunities with high yield advertisers, next-generation technologies, and superior customer service. The Motive Interactive advertising platforms have everything you need to succeed.

Network Details

Review Of Motive Interactive: Advent Service Data
Name:Motive Interactive: Advent
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: , , ,
Payment Frequency:Unknown
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: , ,
Tracking Software:In-house
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website:

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Motive Interactive Business

The company was founded in 2003. Their headquarters are in California.

How To Join

  1. Visit The Network

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Great network, GREAT support. S’all I have to say.

Chris Rodeno ftw.

Anthony Dinh

first off, no direct tracking, huge ++. secondly, im fairly new to affiliate marketing, 3months experience to be exact, but my am, chris rodeno, has been very helpful and very prompt in answering all my questions. they have a fairly wide variety of offers, and the payouts are usually market rate, sometimes a bit higher. the only complaint is how the dashboard uses frames…makes it very clumsy to navigate. all in all, not too bad…would recommend!

mark rodgers

I’m not sold on any one Network, I use as many as I can, so i can always have unique fresh ads for my lists and landing pages. But if someone told me today to pick one – well motive would be at the top of the list, of course i would make sure they gave me the better payouts than the other two on my list first 🙂 For real motive has the best interface and tracking i have seen it’s top of the line, the support is good, lots of the offers can be found in other networks but they do have some unique and they always give me top price (but i drive huge traffic) I do use other networks and i do fine with them, but i’m sick of direct track based networks (cant trust the tracking). I would say motive looks like they are on the way to being a top network (if they are not already there) and i would say if you have not checked them out you should. My AM is Chris Rodeno he knows his Shi*t! I have also spoken to the CEO a few times and rest assure motive is in good hands. Worth checking out for sure!

Brian Weaver

As far as CPA networks are concerned, I have found Motive to have been the most helpful to me.

The reviewer above who said that they can’t get any support either has a poor affiliate manager, or just doesn’t know how to communicate.

Ryan Berger is my affiliate manger and has never failed to answer a question for me and is generally available 5 days a week during working hours and I have even caught him with a problem once while he was at home, which in fact was to get a custom sized creative. I had asked for the creative and had it by Monday morning.

The new Advent 2.0 interface is much improved over the old system and so far it looks like there are a lot more tracking. Judging by the first commenter and my own experience with Motive, the affiliate managers really want to help you succeed with affiliate marketing.

Normal Joe

Look, I don’t know technical programming language their network is built on but it’s killer lol. Advent is off the charts to me. I’m very much a visual person, so the way they have the interface laid out invites me to make money ( if I’m not inspired to take action, I won’t use it lol)

Okay, seriously….I can’t comment on their tracking just yet, as all the pieces are still being implemented into the new advent system, but so far so good.

The support, in my opinion, kicks the a@# off of all the others I’ve messed with. I’ll admit, I’m not a super affiliate, cpa networks are a new hat to me….but Luke over at motive is the only affilliate manager I’ve had take the time to EXPLAIN to me, they ways I can make money with their network.

Now, let me make it clear…he didn’t just show me how people can make money with their network, but, ME. See, anyone can show you how their network is supposed to work, LUKE has been working with me, and my strengths, to help me actually be successful. (thanks homie!)

Having an affiliate manager, to me, is more than just someone that can tell you which offers are hot, it’s someone that will tell you what you need to make them work for you, and is in the trenches and actually knows more about affiliate marketing than just sharing the next hottest offer.

Now, that’s not to say the other networks I’ve been with are bad, but none have shown a genuine interest in my personal success to the extent they have.

So yeah, I’m biased! 🙂 Their offers are cool, most cpa networks seem to have similar offers, they have some that are exclusive that are pretty hot. The payouts are also good.

I really think,Luke “the PIMP” Smith forever changed my idea of what an affiliate manager should be lol. Brendan, the CEO, is also a cool cat…I haven’t met the rest of the team over there, but I’m pretty sure I will.

I didn’t give them 5 stars all over, just because I know they are still adding all the features to the new advent system. Despite that, they system is ready to go….get you some.

Yes, I’m a Motive fanboy, I’ll admit it, but they impressed me lol.

Green Giant

motive is the first, I think, with a full blown ajax system. everything is very inhouse and I like it. they do not have too many offers but they seem to be exclusive or rare, ofcourse there will be repeated offers among other networks but the interface alone is what I think blows other networks away.

I know they are updating, but I think my view is the new version of the interface or the advent 2.0 they say they are releasing.

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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