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CJ is a major affiliate marketing network, previously going by the name Commission Junction. It's one of the largest networks in the industry processing huge amounts of transactions per year.

What the company says about itself:

With over 20 years of experience, we are the most trusted and established name in affiliate marketing. Since being founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998, we have been passionate about driving intelligent growth for our clients.

Examples of brands they work with:

  • GoPro
  • Office Depot
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Priceline
  • Overstock
CJ uses it's own in-house platform and tracking.

Network Details

Review Of CJ.com Service Data
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: , ,
Payment Frequency:Net-30
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: , , ,
Tracking Software:In-house
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website: cj.com

Preview of CJ.com‘s Website

CJ Website preview

Their domain was registered in February 1999.

CJ are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you wish to follow them use your social media app to search for them and you'll quickly find their official profiles.

On the front-end of their website they have email addresses and phone numbers you can use if you have any questions before joining them.

CJ have won many industry awards across the years. Including being winners many times at the International Performance Marketing Awards.

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Commission Junction is definetely a scam. If you are a company, a business, ok, you may earn money, but if you are a blogger without a legal status they steal your commissions.
They control through their platform how many click they want you believe to have, with the less possiblie number of sales.
I see that when I have 100 daily visitors on my website, usually CJ’s Report shows 20-25 affiliate link clicks and about 7500 impressions. Mysteriously, each time i promote my site to the socail media, i have 200-250 visiitors per day and look what happens: CJ’s report shows around 15 click and 3000 impressions, and all this after 10-12 hours. Simply they put the report on hold in order to filter what i should not see (sales/leads eventually).
Just stay away from them, don’t lose time by making them rich as a volunteer.


I used to make pretty decent money with CJ but then the past year their site has had serious problems not loading, certain areas not working, funky fonts, and my sales went in the tank. Went there yesterday and discovered they’d closed my account without notice. I had hundreds of links using their widgets (which NEVER paid) and finally said enough with their new thing of “charging” you $10 if you don’t make enough sales to the point they eat up any earnings. Screw them. I’m done. They are the affiliate site I started with and learned on, but they have turned into a major scam.


I joined in 2002 and in early years was very happy with my commissions.

Then in 2012 I went into a stall…$2 below the payout level. I’ve twice made purchases using my own link just to test the system, and to try to get that payout, and both times the transaction didn’t show even though I specifically used advertisers who ALLOWED PUBLISHERS TO MAKE PURCHASES.

CJ support told me I must have used “outdated links” and that I’d need to deal with the advertiser. I sent the link directly to the advertiser for verification, and was told “It looks perfect. The transaction should have been recorded. You have to talk to CJ.”

So I forwarded these emails to CJ, who said “Only the advertiser can manually give you a credit for the sale.” So when I contacted the advertiser, provided my transaction number AND their verification that the link I’d used was valid AND that I should have been credited – silence.

I’m closing my account. It’s not worth the hassle if I’m not going to get the commissions I’ve earned, and am not going to receive help even when I can provide evidence of a valid transaction. This is a nice little scam CJ has going with the advertisers, isn’t it? Just pointing their finger at each other and saying “It’s THEIR responsibility.”


I made two bookings with two different vendors using my CJ links. When I did not see the bookings recorded in my account I emailed CJ the following:

==My email to them==

I did two bookings yesterday – one with Vendor1 and one with Vendor2. I used my affiliate links to do the bookings. Why dont I see the commission in my report? I also dont see any statistics that 2 sales have been made.

==Their reply==

Thank you for you inquiry about a missing transaction. I reviewed your account and it is registering clicks and impressions so it appears your tracking is fine.

This is an infrequent occurrence, but the transaction may have been missed for any number of reasons. We suggest to contact the advertiser through the “mail” tab in your CJ account manager with any information regarding the potential missed commission. Please allow enough time for them to research and respond. If after this time frame they do not reply, contact client support and we can reach out to them on your behalf.


I have booked own trips 2 other times before and it worked. But this time it did not and CJ reply to me is not satisfying at all. I dont think I Will continue working with them.


I worked with commission junction a long time ago but they said that my website never had any sales. It was kind of hard to prove so I did not worry about. My company has a website that does have a pay per sale Affiliate program if anyone is interested.


I’ve had problems recently with KEEN through CJ. They owed me $1,200 in commissions and were trying to say the emails that were used were suspicious. I contacted CJ and they say that it doesn’t appear that I did any thing fraudulent, yet I have to appeal to the publisher and CJ will do nothing to back me up. I have busted my butt to promote these people and now I get shafted because they aren’t finding the promotions to be a profitable as they hoped. KEEN said that not enough of the people who signed up through my links came back and spent more money. How is that my fault? Maybe their psychics suck and the people were unhappy?? The bottom line is that I’ve been cheated out of $1,200 and CJ doesn’t seem to care at all.


As an advertiser I find C a bit clunky to use. Finding information within your account can be a time consuming process. And they can be difficult as far as the “rules” that control how your account works. that being said, we have had success in partnering with good and ethical publishers. We chose CJ over others in the industry because at the time they had the largest network. But we are considering other companies in addition to include the marketers that CJ seems to easily discount and/or block from program approval.


Commission Junction is a scam, or at least very unethical in the way they do business.

We had about $30 in commissions stolen from us by Commission Junction. Not a lot of money, sure, but if they do that to thousands of people, it adds up! What happened was that unknown to us, they marked our account as “dormant”, saying that we had not had a sale in 6 months. Maybe that is true, but they never notified us that our account had gone “dormant”, and without any notification whatsoever, starting deducting $10 per month for some type of fee until all of the money was gone, then deactivated our account, again without any notification to us. In the meantime, we continued to promote their links, and made at least 2 commissionable sales, which we were not credited for. Probably CJ got the commissions from the client and just kept them for themselves, since the sales were made through an affiliate link.

Bottom line is, do not trust Commission Junction – it is little more than a scam and a huge waste of your time and effort.

Colin Davenport

Commission Junction does have some good offers for the affiliate and the site is easy enough to negotiate. Support is lame and nonexistent. I use controlled sales to make sure I’m getting credit for my sales and have found sales aren’t tracked unless cookies are enabled. WTF is that, I would think in this security heightened atmosphere that most users have disabled cookies. I called for assistance and like the poster above was told to contact the merchant direct. After many emails each including the specifics of each controlled sale….No assistance whatsoever. So I guess I just move on to another Network and hope they are more honest. CJ Doesn’t instil confidence in me enough to continue with them. So on to the Hugh task of link replacements and Website designs. I started to become suspicious when The ctr from my ads were high but without sales, I know that’s possible but not probable, so I would have friends and myself make small purchases to see if they showed up. Out of 10 sales only 2 showed up. I’m very disappointed but am determined to move forward. If you consider this network be wary. I’m done with them.


They are not good company, I have summer specific PPS product and they want to deactivate my account due no commusion. No support at all. It total crap. I don’t like them. Why i cant call or write to support io i have an isue?

“Consequently, per the Publisher Service Agreement, we regularly deactivate accounts that are not actively earning commissions and do not have a sufficient balance amount. Your account has been deemed inactive and is scheduled for deactivation in the next 30 days for dormancy. Please note that while your account is deactivated, you will not track or earn commissions and your advertiser relationships may expire.”

Unsecured Credit Cards

I like CJ, but do have some issues with them. The biggest problem is that is nearly impossible to get any support. Hard to find any contact information for CJ. Also, the $100 min can be a but much for people just starting out and to add insult to injury, you dont get your earnings at all if it takes 3 months to make it.

Quy Le

I dont know what so many others have had such a hard with CJ. Perhaps it’s different as a publisher, but as a merchant, I find CJ the absolute best!!!!

My CJ reps are always quick to replying to emails, I mean quick;; within the hour, usually less! Interface is clean and super easy to navigate. Tracking seems to be off a little bit at times, but always ends up being accurate. Basically, everything I get from them is what I need. Especially as a merchant, their list of advertisers/publishers are top notch, as in 3 short months, our program was able to drive over 6-digit in sales p/ month. Not even close to that with my other network.

So to end, Overall, ABSOLUTE BEST, support is great, and tracking is still good despite some minor inaccuracies.

Damian Montero

This is the be-all and end-all of all affiliate networks. if it’s anywhere it’ll be in CJ. Read the other review for the good stuff, so here’s the bad:

Problems with CJ
– No-one to contact. Forget about phone numbers, or even tryign to email in.
– Stats are usually DAYS late so no trying to figure out how your campaign is working
– $100 minimum payout automatically (although if you put your checking account AND change TWO places you’ll get paid on $50 at a time)
– “locked” and “processed”! All your transactions go through steps before they’re “officially” given to you. For me a sale is a sale. Unless there’s a refund If I got the sale on the 29th, the check on the first should include that sale.
– “Approval”! Some offers have to get “approved” but even though CJ lets you show which sites you have, the “vendor” may not see that you have NOT ONLY that great political site, BUT ALSO a site that comes up #1 on google for cell phone terms and THAT’S why you’re applying for AT&T. if they let me CHOOSE which site I was them to “see” then maybe they wouldn’t “disapprove” me but approve spammy competitors.
– Kick you off. – If you don’t reach your $50 minium in 3 months (I know won’t happen to you) they’ll just kick you off and keep your money. Google Adsense will let you take up to two years to make their $100 minimum. I mean really. Do you think they return the money to the vendor? Or have any “cost” to me ONLY making $3/month? (I know make that an hour, but I did have to start somewhere!)


The biggest and the most popular network. They promote good offers. Some of the offers have good conversion ratio, some dont have. Even though so many affiliate networks emerged after CJ, I strongly recommend Cj because they have the biggest online customers. Commission Junction offers bigger payouts for sales.

The only thing I hate about Commission Junction is most of the offers wont get approved. We have to contact them for each and every offer they rejected.

Jani G

I like using comission junction because they have a very wide varity of affiliate offers to promote. I can always find what i am looking for in CJ. alot of companies run their affiliate programs through CJ and whats good is that you can also find offers for many different niches that you may not find on other affiliate networks.

Jani G

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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