Affiliate Programs for App & Mobile Monetization

If you’re an app developer looking for ways to monetize your newest creations then these companies operate in your niche. Using these programs you can find ways to monetize Android and iOS apps with things like paywalls and full-screen rewardable video ads. Click on the titles to read program bios for each, that way you can decide which are best for your digital businesses needs.

  • Expertmobi

    As you can probably guess from the name, ExpertMobi is focused on mobile apps.

  • Motive Interactive: Advent

    Motive are focused on the mobile sector and are ideal for app developers and publishers.

  • AdCommunal

    AdCommunal strives to have top branded, high converting, and niche advertiser offers within it’s roster.

  • Wingoads

    Wingoads is a CPM ad network targeting mobile clients offering mobile publishers and app owners a new way to monetize mobile and in-app traffic.

  • Affligent

    Affligent is a well-established network that claims to reach 5,000K unique users per day on average.

  • Mobidea

    Mobidea is a Mobile Affiliate Network for Marketers. We specialize in mobile subscriptions, pin submits, sweepstakes and app install offers.

  • OGAds

    OGAds focus on content lockers for mobile devices and desktops. The technology will automatically optimize your offers.

  • AdWork Media

    AdWork Media allows you to generate revenue from your website or mobile app.

  • AdsMain

    AdsMain is an affiliate network that focuses on high-performing offers.

  • Ad4Game

    Ad4Game is a well-established mobile-focused network based in Ireland but working globally.

  • ActWebMedia

    ActWebMedia is an advertising engine for mobile applications. The company is US based.

  • RainyDayMarketing

    RainyDayMarketing provide services for individuals and companies who are mobile game developers and/or publishers.



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