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This company says it works hard to make you money through innovative marketing efforts not offered elsewhere.

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Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: ,
Payment Frequency:Unknown
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: , ,
Tracking Software:Unknown
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website: xy7elite.com

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xy7 sucks

this network is a known network to fraud affiliates.


I had a issue getting paid at one point then I got paid. Like an idiot I started running their offers again and a year later they were doing the same thing. I email and called several times and of course I was ignored.

When I finally got to talk to someone their excuse was i need to send in a new w9 each year, I knew it was bs because I have never been with a network that asked me to send in a w9 every year


I am an Affiliate Manager at XY7.com and I really think we run a solid affiliate network. We work hard to provide the 24/7 support to our affiliates and do our best to bring the most commission to our affiliates possible.


this network does not even know their backend and how things work. AMs – notice the ‘s’ do not know what they are talking about. I had to educated some people on certain things. tracking was definitely off on some offers but worked fine on others. the people are good people just need more education on what affiliate marketing is all about. I shouldn’t have to educate their team, even if I only make a couple dollars

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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