Affiliate Marketing Revenue Calculator

To use this tool you need to type in how many clicks you think they will get, how many conversions you expect to achieve, and how much money on average you will receive in commission each time.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Calculator ScreenFor an example calculation if you are using Amazon associates and expect from your website you will send 1000 clicks through to the Amazon website and those visitors will convert at a rate of 1.9% and when they convert you will get $4 commission on average then your return would be $76.

Type in your own numbers into the affiliate marketing revenue calculator and the form will automatically update.

If you expect to use this tool regularly please bookmark the page.

How to use the Affiliate Income Calculator results

This free calc is good for guidance as an estimate, but in real world practice it can be hard to project how much you will earn. Program conversion rates vary a lot. Seasonal variance can also play a big part. Take the numbers you create with a pinch of salt if you are new to the industry, this is only a rough estimate. That is why testing is so vital. Be sure to think about how much costs will eat into your profits and always remember these are only imaginary numbers, execution and hard work is the only way to turn them into real numbers.




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