FAQs For Affiliate Networks/Program Managers

Here’s a collection of answered questions for individuals who work for affiliate networks or programs and have their company listed on Affpinions.

Can we link to our listing on Affpinions from my our website?
Yes of course! If you have positive reviews on your listing here and think it may encourage others to join you then please go ahead. If you need our logo to put on your website for social proofing please get in touch and let us know what file format you need.

Our company isn’t listed here, can we get a listing?
Yes! New submissions are always welcome. See this page for full details. Be sure to submit all required details otherwise it may lead to a delay in the approval process. All new listings are manually created so please be patient, it may take a few weeks depending on current workload behind the scenes.

How can I remove our company listing from this website?
There’s no way to completely remove a listing from Affpinions. The policy is the same as is operated at major review websites such as TripAdvisor. People have the legal right to read details about companies and post reviews about them, it’s freedom of speech.

However, we obviously want to work with networks/programs to rectify issues that may have made you consider asking for your listing to be removed. So here’s some scenarios and what can be done.

You can request certain information be removed from a listing, such as a business address or other contact details.

If people have posted negative reviews about your website then you can, and are strongly encouraged to, click the ‘Reply’ button on each comment and publicly post a response using your company name, it’s the perfect way to show you’re a company that’s listening and taking action in the wake of legitimate criticism, as well as defending yourself when you feel the criticism isn’t fair.

We can also remove old comments/reviews in the event a company changes hands or has significant changes. In that instance old reviews will no longer be relevant and we will consider deleting them. It’s at our discretion though and your must be able to provide hard proof of the changes.

In the event you suspect suspicious activity on your company listing, such as fake reviews, you can submit a report to us via the contact page explaining the situation and we can investigate.

Some listings have a closed comments/review section. This means we’ve closed it either due to our own decision or at the request of the company with whom the listing is about. This is normally due to evidence of multiple submissions coming from the same IP address or with the use of blacklisted spam email addresses. We also use other patterns which we don’t publicly disclose. There will be a notice on the listing explaining that the comments are closed. If your company is in this situation we may consider wiping the listing so it starts afresh and removing the notice.

Please note that Affpinions maintains full discretion at all times as to what edits we will and will not make. We want listings to be as useful as they can be for visitors, and we want managers working for networks to use them to help with reputation management. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.