What is Affiliate Marketing? An Explanation.

What is an affiliateIn a nutshell, it is when you send web visitors to an online retailer, and get a cut of the sales made from the visitors you sent. That’s a very brief definition. Here is a small guide for beginners to help you make sense of it.

You may have heard it referred to other names, such as ‘network marketing’ or ‘multi-level marketing’. Ignore those, that is not what it is called. Performance marketing is another popular one, which is more recognised and clearer from its name what it is about.

Some people in the industry are not happy about the name and would like a whole new alternative. Such as; commission marketeers or retail affiliates. To be honest you can mix up a lot of different terms, acronyms and buzzwords but ultimately we may as well stick with the same name.

Whatever you want to call it, it always works the same.

  • You join an affiliate program
  • Place their links on your website or wherever you can.
  • Receive commissions from sales made from customers you sent.

Always keep it simple, focus on expected conversion rates, commission per conversion and how many visitors you can send. That bit of simple maths will keep you on the right track. And always pick good products to promote too, they will do half the selling by themselves. As long as you are acting legally with a good code of conduct (doing go doing fake reviews or cookie stuffing) and you work hard to promote you will bring in some good results.

Video Explanation

Still confused about it all? This good video from Joel Comm is worth a watch.

Hopefully all of that helped. If you are looking for new networks to join please check out the listings on the right-hand sidebar. There you will find the ideal programs for your needs. If you are serious about this and want to earn good money please also read the top tips page. That will set you off on the ideal path from the start.

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