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Ads4Dough (A4D) is a network from the United States who provide members with tools to them maximise revenue.

What ADS4Dough (A4D) say about themselves:
Stop for a moment, and ask yourself whether your affiliate company and your personal affiliate manager are focused on you or their own interests. Are you tired of managers that are totally focused on themselves and making their business more cash rather than you?

We've been there ourselves. We know what it's like to be a hard-working affiliate. At most networks, the managers strongly focus on bringing in as much revenue as they possibly can and care very little about the success of the individual affiliate involved IE you. We make it a priority to maintain absolute integrity and confidentiality with our Affiliates.

We know what it takes to succeed in this industry as an Affiliate. This is why we do our best to provide you with the tools necessary to get the edge over your competition. Our discussion forums, campaign tools, Affiliate support, competitive payouts, and performance incentives are designed to keep you motivated and make as much money as possible.

How many Affiliate Managers and employees at other networks that you've dealt with have actually BEEN affiliates before? Chances are, very few. Without real world industry experience, it's nearly impossible to guide a new affiliate when they are getting started or to give a seasoned veteran the best payout without the B.S. That is why Ads4Dough succeeds where other networks fail.

How easy is it to get accepted? It's a closed program, meaning they manually review every applicant. Ensure you have something good in place (like a well-trafficked website) so they know you are going to contribute something to the service, rather than just signing up and never coming back.

Network Details

Review Of ADS4Dough (A4D) Service Data
Name:ADS4Dough (A4D)
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Methods: , ,
Payment Frequency:Net-15, Weekly
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: , ,
Tracking Software:HasOffers
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website:

Preview of ADS4Dough (A4D)‘s Website

A4D Website Preview

How To Join

  1. Visit The Network

  2. Research more into the company by reading their 'About' page, 'Blog' page and any others you want to.
  3. If you're happy then click on the 'LOGIN' menu link and you'll see an option that says 'Don't have an account yet? Sign Up Now'. Click on that.
  4. Add your details to the 3-step registration process.
  5. Wait for your account to be confirmed and get started as an A4D affiliate.

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Christine Miller

I received a check today for $271.60 and I think there has been a mistake. It was sent to me Christine Miller, [address removed]. I moved from that address in June of 2013. It is check number 8733. I have never even heard of you. Please advise.

Sid D

This is one of the BEST network to work with. I know the owner (Jason) personally, he’s an industry veteran, not to mention he’s a guy to work with. He is willing to help anyone and everyone regardless of your volume. Very few people I know in this industry go out of the way to help others, he’s one of them. If you hang out on wickedfire, you KNOW that this is one of the MOST trusted and affiliate friendly networks out there.

The affiliate managers are always available (Kave and Jay Kim) and will always help you.

Claims that they are unreachable are so false. You can reach them via AIM, Cell phone, email.

A++ overall.


Hey thanks for all the kind words everyone. If you have any issues with our network please aim me at “ads4dough” or email me at

Jason Akatiff aka Smaxor
CEO, Coleadium Inc dba


They don’t give you the best payouts. They don’t provide very good support. They have a lot of offers. That sums it up as best as possible.


Well, I am just looking my account approval from them. Hope they will approve my account soon.

I read on forums they have some good offers.


Brilliant network and Jason / Smaxor is full of advise and support. Payout is great with volume obviously and he has a lot of exclusive offers.

Fidel Betancourt JR

I just started using these guys and I must say that I am impressed. The guys who run the show are extremely cool and truly want to help you succeed. Shout out to Brandon for his help on getting started with some offers. Definitely worth a shot, the only thing with them is that they lack the amount of offers bigger and more established networks have but I am confident that this will come with time.


Run by one of the coolest guys in the world, this network was created for affiliates by affiliates. Great selection of offers, and higher payouts. Check ’em out.

*Information correct at time of posting to best of Affpinions knowledge.



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