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WHOIS Tool – Does Anyone Own A Web Domain You Want?

If you’re looking at setting up a new website and want to see if a domain name is registered, or just need to find out who owns a domain, then this is the tool to use.


How to use: Type the domain name into the box, pick the extension from the dropdown menu EG .com, .net.

Any problems with the form please get in touch. At this time not all extensions are supported, if the one you require isn’t included in the drop-down options then use the search function to find another free WHOIS tool elsewhere.

What to do next once you’ve found a domain?

You’re obviously on an adventure to setup a new website and create a profitable business, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here! Once you have located a domain name that nobody else owns then it means you can register the name so you are the legal owner until it expires.

Domain registration conversation

If you have done it before then you probably have a registrar you like to use. But it’s always good to shop around for the lowest prices on registration fees. If you’ve not done it before then a good place to start is NameCheap, that is who is used for this Affpinions website and is recommended as a good place to look, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. NameCheap also do good web hosting if you need that too. Good luck with your business venture.

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