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T3Leads.com is a Pay per lead affiliate program. Pay per lead (PPL) is a method of marketing that enables an advertiser to receive advertising services in return for paying per lead received from the marketing venue used.

You can promote services such as payday loans and other financial sector products.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback about the program here, honest positive and negative welcome.

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4 Affiliate Reviews of “T3Leads”

T3Leads reviewed by Sajjad Husain in July 2011

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T3 I think its a scam becas i just started it before 3 days was getting really good traffic and earning i made 348$ in two days but now they blocked my account and the error massage is That “Your Account has been permanently disabled as we reserve all the rights to refuse”

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T3Leads reviewed by mark in June 2011

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Realy,are u paid for review?
i have run t3 offers,they not even shave,what i mean’s your commission would gone even your lead was sold and confirmed, they scrub your leads! Dam it!

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T3Leads reviewed by Sandesh Bhat in August 2009

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Finance niche is a very good niche to make money and thus T3leads is amongst best affiliate network in that niche.

In my research of many different affiliate programs, I think I’ve come across the best one out at t3leads.

Specially with their pre made websites which are constantly being refreshed and updated by a creative team for maximum performance taking out the hassle of you having to go through the design and maintainance process.

Payment by PayPal is definitely an advantage this network has over others!

We started with ppc campgains after few days research we started resourcing more than 300 leads a day, the cost invloved for in pp was apx 450$ a day and our earnings were 3000$ to 4000$ per day almost getting 1000% ROI.

Now after experiancing and the herioc support and guidance from the affiliate managers we are making 12000$ to 14000$, thats our success story with t3leads.com the best financial affiliate network we ever came accross.

I would suggest all the readers to t3leads.com

Sandesh Bhat
(M): +9109974711222

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T3Leads reviewed by Timotej in October 2008

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interesting this network seems like they host all the offers because the links are relevant and do not redirect or redirect – it is a solid LP of the offer – interesting. reporting is a little weird and a bit confusing takes a bit to get use to. the best part is most of the offers are really exclusive to them and have a nice payout. very niche vertical though, only down side but maybe good for others

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