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LinkConnector, an Affiliate Marketing Network headquartered in Cary, NC, provides progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, enabling them to increase online revenue and drive results. Since its inception in 2004, the company has continuously introduced new technologies to the industry, such as the Affiliate Widget Builder, advanced FraudFREE™ Protection System, Pending Sale functionality, patent-pending Naked Link Technology®, and Affiliate Connections™ optimizing technology to better meet affiliate and merchant expectations in a rapidly evolving industry. LinkConnector maintains a strong emphasis on network quality and stands by its zero tolerance fraud policy.

Complementing its technological advances and innovative approach to Affiliate Marketing, LinkConnector also offers proven traditional affiliate marketing tools and approaches, such as standard linking campaigns. Combined with superior customer service, LinkConnector provides its merchants and affiliates a measurable edge in the market.

LinkConnector is operating as the fastest growing Affiliate Marketing Network—especially among Internet Retailer Top 500 companies.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback, honest positive and negative welcome.

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LinkConnector reviewed by Manan in

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Linkconnector don’t take any responsibility for your payment. Its support staff is very irresponsible and lazy. I can’t get my check after 3 months while check has validilty of 3 months. When i contacted to LC, they told me to charge $32 for chcek reissue fees. Is it my fault if i don’t get check via postal service. Linkconnector network haven’t any record or tracking for issued check to their Affiliates. Simply, rubbish service and rubbish support.


LinkConnector reviewed by naveel in

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i will agree with you Renee. now they have remove all lead campaigns. it is becoming a worst network. but the support is awesome

LinkConnector reviewed by Renee in

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  • 33333
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I made some impressive commissions with LC. They have lost a lot of merchants, so now things are really bad.

LinkConnector reviewed by Alan in

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Terrible customer service, their tech team is the least qualified team I have worked with in 10 years of running affiliate sales and offers. Their interface is crude and limiting.

I don’t recommend working with them.

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