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When browsing companies listed on Affpinions you may use the categories. A company at the top may have sponsored so they can appear there, that means a company has paid for it to appear at the top for a certain period at time. It’s a form of marketing to get their company seen more easily. Behind that all the listings are shown based on the date they were last modified. This is to avoid any bias.

As well as using categories we recommend using the search feature and filter feature in order to fine tune things to your requirements. Those don’t contain any sponsored placements.

No, this website is completely free to use. We do offer extra services for webmasters who need them, but the main website, blog, and podcast are all free. You can support the site with small donations via PayPal.


Unfortunately, this is very much a; how long is a piece of string situation. It all depends on the access to potential clickers of your affiliate links, the niche, the company you’re promoting, how targeted the campaign is, and of course a bit of lady luck also. If you have a niche website receiving 100,000 unique visitors per month and you promote a highly-targeted good product to them (which pays fair commissions) then you should expect some returns. If you push the campaign hard with good advertising and marketing tactics and get 25% of visitors to click on an affiliate link, and 2% of those people convert, that’s 500 sales per month. If you’re receiving an average of only $3 per sale that is already $1500 revenue. If you want to run more quick numbers we have a very basic calculator you can use.

No. Networks and programs are free to join. Beware of any program that requires you to pay a joining fee. The beauty of programs being free to join is that it gives you the option to join lots of different programs without the risk of a high investment.

For Networks/Programs

There’s no way to remove a listing from Affpinions. The policy is the same as is operated at major review websites such as TripAdvisor. People have the legal right to read details about companies and post reviews about them, it’s freedom of speech.

However, we obviously want to work with networks/programs to rectify issues that may have made you consider asking for your listing to be removed. So here’s some scenarios and what can be done.

You can request certain information be removed from a listing, such as a business address or other contact details.

If people have posted negative reviews about your website then you can, and are strongly encouraged to, click the ‘Reply’ button on each comment and publicly post a response using your company name, it’s the perfect way to show you’re a company that’s listening and taking action in the wake of legitimate criticism, as well as defending yourself when you feel the criticism isn’t fair.

We can also remove old comments/reviews in the event a company changes hands or has significant changes. In that instance old reviews will no longer be relevant and we will consider deleting them. It’s at our discretion though and your must be able to provide hard proof of the changes.

In the event you suspect suspicious activity on your company listing, such as fake reviews, you can submit a report to us via the contact page explaining the situation and we can investigate.

Some listings have a closed comments/review section. This means we’ve closed it either due to our own decision or at the request of the company with whom the listing is about. This is normally due to evidence of multiple submissions coming from the same IP address or with the use of blacklisted spam email addresses. We also use other patterns which we don’t publicly disclose. There will be a notice on the listing explaining that the comments are closed. If your company is in this situation we may consider wiping the listing so it starts afresh and removing the notice.

Please note that Affpinions maintains full discretion at all times as to what edits we will and will not make. We want listings to be as useful as they can be for visitors, and we want managers working for networks to use them to help with reputation management. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes of course! If you have positive reviews on your listing here and think it may encourage others to join you then please go ahead. If you need our logo to put on your website for social proofing please get in touch and let us know what file format you need.

General Affiliate Questions

Some have automatic acceptance, others will have to review your application. They may decide whether to accept or reject your membership based on what methods you plan to use to promote their products and how much traffic you have. You will nearly always need to at least confirm your email address.

Generally speaking an affiliate network is a website you can join and as a member you’ll be able to promote lots of different companies. In contrast a program is normally just one company. Some companies choose to run their own in-house affiliate program rather than being part of a big network such as ShareASale or CJ.

For the majority of product types you should be able to find an affiliate program to join in order to promote what you want to. However, there are such a huge amount of different products in the modern world that realistically you’ll always find gaps. If you do find products and can’t find a single company that will pay you commission to promote it, then you can still explore other options, such as generating revenue from ads, on content about the product. It is unlikely to be as profitable though.

Generally it’s quite a simple process to apply. Some will automatically accept everybody meaning you can get up and running instantly. Others have minimum requirements, such as traffic levels, before accepting you. Going to affiliate summits, presentations and events will also help build your relationship with the companies. Always take your time during any application so you don’t make a mistake.

No, is the short answer. In the same way you can’t trust all the product reviews on Amazon. At Affpinions everything is monitored and we do our best to look carefully for tell tail signs before publishing any comment or review. However some reviews may not be fully trustworthy. For this reason we also encourage you to get involved and submit feedback on any company you have experience of, this will help us combat those playing the system. You can also try other sites in the industry like Affpaying to see what people say there.


Whether you have to submit proof of ID can vary from program to program. It also depends on your location. Networks have to make efforts to stop fraud and keep their business secure. This is why they may ask you for identity documents for verification. You often won’t have to do it when applying to create a new account, but may have to do it before being eligible for payment withdrawl.

Yes. If it’s on your own website then you ideally should have a small block of text on each page explaining the content may contain affiliate links that if clicked on could result in you receiving financial benefits. It’s important to also declare you’re an affiliate in your legal pages, such as your terms and conditions page.

Honesty is important for your visitors, it is a way to build trust. It’s good practice to also explain to users how the affiliate links may impact content creation, for example if you are creating reviews and aim to be completely unbiased regardless of whether you can get revenue or not by reviewing that product, then it’s healthy to mention that. Also state that affiliate links don’t impact the price the person clicking on the link will pay, because not all your users may be aware of that.

In your cookies declaration of your legal pages be sure to also include any tracking cookies related to the affiliate marketing programs you’re using.

If you share affiliate links on social media it’s good practice to briefly mention in your bio that posts may contain affiliate links. Using hashtags can also be good practice.


It heavily depends on how many affiliate links you place and what other content you have.

If your website is thin on original content and has lots of outbound affiliate links then it’s highly probable Google and other search engines will frown upon that and rank your website in low positions as a result.

Your website should naturally contain a mixture of regular editorial links and affiliate links.

To be safe it can be good practice to use the rel attribute and give your outbound affiliate links either the ‘nofollow’ or ‘sponsored’ tag.

Remember to always focus on the user experience ultimately first. The aim is to provide useful content for people that helps their buying decisions.

There’s many different factors search engines use when deciding where to rank your website, so remember they play a huge part too, but a good start is to have healthy practices when it comes to your affiliate links.


It has nothing to do with facial hair. This is a term you will sometimes see reviewers on this website using. ‘Shaving’ is what some people claim some companies do, they use software that only tracks a certain percentage of sales, for example 90%.

In affiliate marketing CPL generally stands for “cost per lead”. It is a way to know how much you’d be paid by a program for each lead you send them.

For example, a credit card company may pay you $5 per lead. A “qualifying lead” may be anybody who completes an application for a credit card. Whether they get accepted or not for the credit card doesn’t matter, you get paid for the lead.

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