FAQs About Industry Terminology

Here are answers to questions that are asked in the affiliate marketing industry about different words and abbreviations.

What does CPL stand for?
In affiliate marketing CPL generally stands for “cost per lead”. It is a way to know how much you’d be paid by a program for each lead you send them.

For example, a credit card company may pay you $5 per lead. A “qualifying lead” may be anybody who completes an application for a credit card. Whether they get accepted or not for the credit card doesn’t matter, you get paid for the lead.

What is shaving in affiliate marketing?
It has nothing to do with facial hair. This is a term you will sometimes see reviewers on this website using. ‘Shaving’ is what some people claim some companies do, they use software that only tracks a certain percentage of sales, for example 90%.

What is a KPI?
KPI stands for ‘key-performance indicator’. It’s a general business term used to describe something that can be used a measure of how the business is performing. For example, if you own an affiliate blog writing personal reviews of products you use, a very simple KPI could be ‘how many unique visitors per month does the blog receive’.