FAQs About Affpinions

Here are general questions and answers about the Affpinions service.

Do I have to pay to use Affpinions?
No, this website is completely free to use. We do offer extra services for webmasters who need them, but the main website, blog, and podcast are all free. You can support the site with small donations via PayPal.

How are listings ordered on this website?
When browsing companies listed on Affpinions you may use the categories. A company at the top may have sponsored so they can appear there, that means a company has paid for it to appear at the top for a certain period at time. It’s a form of marketing to get their company seen more easily. Behind that, all the listings are shown based on the date they were last modified. This is to avoid any bias.

As well as using categories we recommend using the search feature and filter feature in order to fine-tune things to your requirements. Those don’t contain any sponsored placements.

Can I recommend a new feature I think would be good on Affpinions?
Absolutely! We are always interested in new ways to improve the service so that it is more useful for all affiliates. Please drop us a message with your idea.