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Global Wide Media Review of Program Details

A large network which allows you to monetize your content in a variety of ways. They appear especially strong in the dating niche, insurance and gaming, and plenty of others too.

They say on their press page:

We are the largest distributor of online game downloads across search, display, social, and mobile promotion methods

A very well established and good size business. They were also recognized in 2014 as one of the ‘Best Places to Work in Los Angeles’, which is always a good sign of a company who cares.

Company location details:

Global Wide Media
2945 Townsgate Road – Ste 350
Westlake Village
United States

There phone number is listed as Phone: 1.805.267.7000

There used to be a network called ‘AKMG: Advertising Kings’ for those who were an affiliate many years ago and can remember them! Back in 2008 AKMG had very good reviews on this website, they had got 6 in total and all were positive with high stars ratings. In the end it was redirected to Global Wide Media so I presume they bought them out or something like that. If that is anything to go buy then it bodes well for Global Wide Media. They also used to operate ‘neverblue’ and ‘pulsemobile’ for anyone who remembers those companies, and have since unified them under one parent company, GlobalWide Media.

If you decide to join them please click the ‘Who Told You to Sign Up With Us’ 3rd party referral option and say it was that you discovered their website on.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback, honest positive and negative welcome.

Alternative websites like this

*All information on this page correct to best of Affpinions knowledge at time of posting, always check network for latest details.

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Bob Alexander
Bob Alexander

Terrible company, its more like trying to get credit than sell internet leads or products. Cold responses, ridiculous demands like they want you to stand by your phone when they call to jump thru hoops. Hey I’m doing all the work and this company wants a share but I have to bend over. Forget it and avoid these guys

Frank R
Frank R

Worst affiliate lead buy network we have ever worked with. We buy insurance leads via phone call. It appeared as though Global Wide Media bought a bunch of no longer used Phone Numbers for old companies that went out of business and transferred them to us. Problem is, those companies were not in our direct industry nor could we help them. 95% of all phone calls the people were confused and realized they had the wrong number. Don’t waist your time, they are extremely expensive and unwilling to work with you.

Ferhan L
Ferhan L

If you ever wondered how to spot a bad affiliate program, well you are in luck. GlobalWide Media has 9 lives and I think they have used them all up.

They started off strong hiring all the knowledgeable professionals in the industry. But it didn’t take long before the company’s business practices exposed themselves. This company is on a desert island using outdated methods of business.

I advise you ignore this company in 2015 – 2016, this is not slander this is free consulting.