Get Your YouTube Videos Transcribed

Pay For YouTube TranscriptionNOTICE: due to time constraints no new orders are being taken. We apologise for any inconvenience.

If you create videos on YouTube to make money from affiliation (or any other method) then it can be beneficial to get your YouTube videos transcribed.

Once a YouTube video is published you can then later add in the transcription into the full video description and this may help it show up in more search results.

It’s also beneficial for a video to be embedded on an external website using the YouTube embed tool. If you also have your own website and embed your videos then it can be good for it’s rankings. It also represents a great opportunity to include the transcription below the video. This can also help that page rank in regular search results.

YouTube Transcription Service Pricing

The cost is $0.50 (USD) per minute. This means if you have a 10 minute video it only costs $5. The minimum order is $2. You can order as many minutes as you want for as many videos as you want. For example if you have 10 videos at 8 minutes each, you’d order 80 minutes worth of transcription. You do that by using the box below that says “CUSTOM Number Of Minutes” and you’d change “1” to “80” and click purchase.

Current Availability

NOTICE: unfortunately due to time constraints no new orders are being taken for this service. We apologise for any inconvenience.

How The Service Works

  • You place you order using the purchase button below and pay securely via Paypal.
  • Send the links to the videos you want transcribed.
  • We’ll transcribe them and send you the finished files back to you in plain text and PDF.
Questions And Support

If you have any questions please send them in via the contact page.



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