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Affiliate marketing is a system of revenue sharing between a marketer (the 2Affiliate”) and a Merchant, in which the marketer is paid a commission for referring a new client to the Merchant. Fees are set by the Merchant and paid to the Affiliate (also referred to as publishers or partners). Payments are triggered by the Affiliate action on behalf of the Merchant. The Affiliate can be paid for each website visit (Pay Per Click), registration (Pay Per Lead), sale (Pay Per Sale), or a combination thereof.

You can be an Affiliate if you have a website, blog, email list, or other marketing medium that you could use to generate interest in a certain Merchant’s products. In return, you would receive commission income.

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These guys are great! Best conversations and service Ive had from a network. Offers seem to convert ok. Some are great some are ok, but they have worked with me non-stop!


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