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Direct Agents Performance Network Reviews, Opinions and Details

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UPDATE: this company appears to have changed it’s format and no longer appears to be an open affiliate network you can apply to.

The Direct Agents Performance Network provides email, web and search publishers with a highly profitable solution for their advertising needs.

Direct Agents works with many of the Internet’s largest advertisers, and helps to manage and create high converting, quality campaigns. Through constant campaign optimization, and an experienced team, Direct Agents brings publishers consistently high performing revenue opportunities.

You can read more comments on the company below, which so far are overall positive. If you wish to leave your own feedback you are welcome to do so which is always much appreciated. If you are yet to even visit them then you can click on the link below to check out more about them and what they offer.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback about the program here, honest positive and negative welcome.

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3 Affiliate Reviews of “Direct Agents Performance Network”

Direct Agents Performance Network reviewed by Scott in October 2012

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I have advertised for Direct Agents in the past and done well. So when I was ready to begin aggressively marketing my Web site that’s where I went. During a conference call with 2 associates we mapped out a game plan, and discussed my first campaign. They promised to send more information which never arrived. 2 weeks later I have heard nothing and they will not respond to e-mails or return my phone calls. I’m forced to move on and find another marketing firm. This is not difficult, but for the fact that I spent a week talking up this company to my investor. Now he’s all fired up and ready to run multiple campaigns with them. Unfortunately I now I have to tell him that they are MIA. He’s not too Web savvy, and building his trust in one agency was hard enough.

When a prospective client is standing there with a check in his hand ready to start a long-term marketing relationship and you won’t return his phone calls, something is very wrong with the organization. To say it’s unprofessional is an understatement.

If you are only interested in being an affiliate, you may do well. Just expect to have your AM change periodically. They have a very high turnover rate, and end up with a lot of new and inexperienced people. From what I understand this is due to a poor work environment for their employees. If you are looking to advertise however, I would be wary. They have lost my trust and my business.

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Direct Agents Performance Network reviewed by David B in May 2009

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Direct Agents doesnt have many offers…but the ones that they DO have are awesome…and my AM Julia is the best AM in the world. =D…I recommend anyone to sign up

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Direct Agents Performance Network reviewed by RateSpecial in September 2008

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Direct Agents has one of the best networks out there. They have great campaign offers and I always get the best payouts available. Payments are always made on time and my rep is great. I couldn’t ask for a better network!

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