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Cinstaller is a network based in the UK and operated by Cliq Media Ltd. You are able to use the platform to monetize either your traffic or software, or both! It's a service predominantly for software developers looking to monetize their creations.

Here's what the company says about it's service.

"With our high cutomizable installer you can earn money from each installation of your free software or even freeware database."

They also offer a 10% referral commission.

The tracking software used by the network is Post Affiliate Pro.

Network Details

Review Of Cinstaller Service Data
Minimum Payout: $1
Payment Methods: , , , ,
Payment Frequency:Bi-weekly.
Currencies: USD
Commission Types: ,
Tracking Software:Post Affiliate Pro.
Cost To Join:Free
Official Website:

Preview of Cinstaller‘s Website

Cinstaller Website Preview

They don't appear to have any active social media profiles to keep up with them.

If you wish to ask any questions before joining this platform you can use the contact form at the bottom of their homepage.

How To Join

  1. Visit The Network

  2. Read latest info and FAQs and revenue share rates on their site.
  3. Click the 'Register' link in the main menu.
  4. Fill in your details and click the small blue 'Signup' button.
  5. You'll need to wait for them to manually approve/reject your application.

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