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Blue Phoenix Network Review of Program Details

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Blue Phoenix Network understands how important it is for you to run your business and that is why we focus on providing you with everything you need to run successful campaigns. We offer various media types such as, emails, banners, and text Links and will create additional creative upon request. Our network offers timely payout’s, top tier advertisers, and quality service so look no further.

You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback, honest positive and negative welcome.

*All information on this page correct to best of Affpinions knowledge at time of posting, always check network for latest details.

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Current Reviews & Ratings By Visitors

4 Affiliate Reviews of “Blue Phoenix Network”

Blue Phoenix Network reviewed by paul lackaff in September 2012

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These guys take forever to respond back, long time payments still, looks like they need to be shut down they are still stealing peoples money and never contact anyone in a timely matter.

These people are terrible

Blue Phoenix Network reviewed by M.K in March 2011

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This is a scam NW ,
i advice all BE AWARE , they owe me about $400 for more than a year now .
they said that the checks already sent a year a go , but i never received any of them.

My AM John Habib never answer the phone calls , and if he did , he promise you to talk to the accounting department , but you never heard again from him , the accounting department it self never reply to you.

this is a very bad , scam company that i would never give it any other chance.

Blue Phoenix Network reviewed by Sunny in November 2010

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I have done great leads for them and they do chargebacks which is normal in the industry and I accept them however after I agree for that the cheques are shaved off further for no apparent reason. Hope they clean up their act or they will loose all their affiliates.

Blue Phoenix Network reviewed by billy in December 2009

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Maliaka is a psycho. I fell sorry for amy for being her partner. Malaika is a lead shaving-commission stealing-freak. She said $2,000.00 dollars worth of capella university leads were bad simply because not enough of my leads resulted in actual college enrollments!!!!! Avoid at all costs…unless you like being robbed

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