Published May 9, 2019

Welcome to the first blog post of the new Affpinions blog! Here is a brief explainer of what sort of content will be posted in the blog and what sort of schedule you can expect.

Type of content

The main website will continue to be focused on reviews of affiliate networks. If you’re looking to discover new companies to help you make more profit from your online businesses then that aspect doesn’t change. The idea of the blog is that it is completely separate and instead tackles various topics around the topic of making money online from affiliation.

Happy jumper

Wear your happy jumper

It’s not only important to have a profitable business but to do it in a sustainable way that you enjoy. That has to be the aim! With lots of tips and info in our blog posts hopefully you can edge towards that. If you’ve already achieved affiliate happiness then maybe you can push it even further for even greater success!

This affiliate marketing blog is designed to be another addition to the site similar to the podcast that was launched in December 2018. in fact lots of the topics will probably crossover. Whichever format of content you like best, audio or text, you should be able to get the same topics in both formats.

Approximate schedule

It’s tough to give a definite schedule at this early stage. It will partly depend on what is topical and going on in the industry. Inevitably given the topic it will never be a hugely active blog, but an absolute minimum of 1 post per month would be great.

If you use an RSS reader like Feedly you’re welcome to add our RSS feed to make it easier to keep up. At the moment there are no email subscriptions to new posts but that may be added later down the line depending on the traction of the blog.


The hope is that long-term external writers can also contribute to this blog in the form of sponsored posts, it will not only help with the depth of information and consistency of content but also help with the financial sustainability of this overall website going forward. Of course all agreements will be explicitly stated in each post that they are a partnership, transparency is important.

That’s all for now for the first post. Thanks for stopping by, and see you in future articles!